Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Weekend of Sunshine

Happy first day of April!

It's kind of funny that the word "sunshine" is in the title here, since April is known for being a rainy month.  But there's plenty of sunshine in April, too.  I love the rainy days of Spring, though, and can't wait for them to be here so we can have our beautiful May flowers.

This weekend, though, was so lovely and there was a wonderful coolness to the air most of the time.  More than anything there seemed to be the perfect amount of sunshine.  I got my a paper I had to do out of the way early on, and got to enjoy it and relax.

It was bright and beautiful on Saturday when we worked in our yard.  Our grass has been growing a mile a minute lately and it felt so nice to get outside and take care of that and tend to our garden altogether.  My favorite part is probably watering the garden because it's kind of nostalgic to me and I just love getting splashed with the water hose.  That's how you survive summers in the South ;)
Lucie even likes to get outside with us and enjoy the feeling of the freshly cut, cool grass.  It's such a good feeling to look out on your yard and see it green and Springy and lovely.  And it's different to be older and be a bigger part of that and with helping out.
After our yard is done, it is so nice to open the door so that only the screen is there and
enjoy the breeze inside the house while looking out.
Now that the wildflowers are absolutely everywhere, whenever I am driving or we're all in the car as a family, I just stare out the window at the beauty of all their vibrant colors.  They look so soft, too, like a big carpet that makes me wish I could go lay in them and take a nap.  What a dream.
They are starting to grow in the giant patches they make this time of year and are just glorious.  This weekend we got to get out in the sunshine and enjoy them closer up, and actually go pick a few a little ways behind our house to bring them home to add a simple touch of beauty to our kitchen.  I loved how country they looked when we put them in a Mason Jar.

It may not seem like staying inside the house would let you see much sunshine, but when I sit in front of our big window I get to enjoy so much of it.  I love being in the AC, yet soaking in the bright beautiful light from outside.  I got to work on a new embroidery project I started and can't wait to finish so I can wear it this Spring.  I'm excited to add some details after I get done with the plain parts.
Those are a few small, but lovely parts of this weekend I enjoyed.
How was your weekend!?  Wonderful, I hope!
Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh I love the flowers in a mason jar. And grass. I wonder what grass looks like. It's under 2' of snow up here, but it will come eventually. Glad you had a good weekend. Our weekend was occupied by adding a new grand baby to the family. Very exciting!

  2. It looks lovely around here, my friend!
    And your weekend sounds beautiful too. : )
    We finally had a nice day here...we were outside!!
    We will be having rain the next few days, but I tell the kids just what you wrote...We need the rain to make the grass and flowers grow.
    And I don't mind a rainy spring afternoon either. : )
    Have a cozy evening!

  3. Hello my dear Jazzmin!

    May I just say thank you for the beautiful birthday blessings - you are such a joy to me and your kindness never ceases to bless me.

    Your Bluebells (that's what they are, right?) are so pretty! When I visit my husband's aunt and uncle those are the flowers I always love seeing - they make me smile :)

    Lovely pictures, my friend. Thank you for sharing some Spring cheeriness with us. Love to you!

  4. I adore those flowers in a mason jar! So far, where I live, we've only yellow Easter flowers (or crocuses) providing color, but soon it will be different.

    If I were going to embroider, sitting next to a window filled with light such as you describe would be my choice too.

    Laying on a blanket of wildflowers would be good, too. :)

  5. Hi Jazzmin!

    Your blog looks so pretty! I love gingham, and the front porch on your header is mighty inviting! Working in the yard is just what we need to do around here. Sounds like good family times. And productive!

    I love your little Lucie! Cute! I'm with you - a splash here and there is definitely about the only way to survive our southern summers.

    An embroidery project by a bright window - love that. I hope you'll show us the finished project when you get it complete. :) I've only recently discovered that I like to embroidery and enjoy it so much, especially on rainy, cozy days. Now if only I knew how to crochet or knit.

    I've had a good time pinning with you on pinterest! I've been tweaking my boards (which is probably just an excuse to pin a zillion more things...) all week and I'm just having the best time with it.

    Hugs, and I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Hi There, I too love Spring and soaking up the sunshine... We don't use AC up here on the mountain except during the hottest months in Summer (usually August)... SO we keep door/windows opened --which brings in a lot of Spring/Summer for us even when we are inside.

    Our flowers are beginning to bloom here now ---after being quite late this year due to that horribly cold winter. Love your little blue flowers. Hubby brings Daffodils from our yard inside now --and they are so pretty and smell so good.

    Have a great weekend/week.

  7. Oh my green grass and everything already. We're still waiting for that here in the northerly regions of Alberta, Canada. But there's hope for Spring as the temperature zoomed way above freezing today.

    I'd love to sit on that front porch with you and visit a wee bit as it's my first time here.

    I wish you a beautiful rest of the day.... and glimpses of heaven in unexpected places!


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