Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Special Faithful Friday!

This is remarkable to me to think about and it makes me so incredibly thankful that God created the role of the mother to be someone so special, nurturing, loving, kind, and caring in ways that no one else in our lives can quite be... because he put that into mothers instinctually.  A truly wonderful mother is that way because God made motherhood her calling.  Raising children isn't just a project or something she does with her extra time after tending to her own needs or wants- it is far beyond that, a calling as she purposes to put every ounce of her effort and love into giving that child what they need to be the best person they can be.
The Lord surely could not have picked anyone more special and amazing as a mother to fulfill that!

This inspires my thoughts even more when I think about how unique a gift the bond a mother has with her children is.  He allowed them to share the same body for 9 months, two heartbeats in the same body, the closest you could ever be.  And the mother is always and throughout all of history has been the core of the family, the one who holds everyone together...
she is the best encourager, source of comfort, giver of love and hugs, listener, and all of the above.

To give thanks for what our mothers are and who they are in our lives- completely irreplaceable- goes hand in hand with faith, acknowledging that no one else but God could have dreamed up and created such an amazing figure in each of our lives as our loving mothers.

.           .          .

God has really given me a greater sense of appreciation for mothers as I have gotten older.  I have always had appreciation for and been so grateful to have her, as well as other mother figures in my life, but being in my early teens to now has made me more sensitive and aware of just how much mothers do and how grateful we should be to have them in our lives and never take their love for-granted.
A few years ago, I saw my two childhood best friends lose their Mom.  Even now, that still doesn't feel completely real to me because it felt like it couldn't happen, but it did.  That changed me and the way I look at so many things, but especially mothers, because I realized that things can change so fast.

I thank God for him creating mothers, giving me mine, and for the blessing they are to our lives each day.
I think mothers play the largest part in teaching us to be honest, kind, and shaping us into loving people and they are unique to our lives in that they have that chance since they are around us perhaps more than anyone else as we grow up.
I'm appreciative for the foundations in faith and goodness that mothers are a huge part of giving us, but also for the simple things like being after us to keep our rooms clean or to not leave our shoes in the middle of the hallway so someone doesn't trip over them  When you're a kid, you get tired of that, but when you start to grow up you love your mother more for her caring enough to teach you simple but useful things.  And also things that shape you and make you appreciate the finer things and things you grow to love, like reading and sewing and cooking and making a home or studying the world around you, gardening, being a woman of substance and as a daughter, and knowing the importance of things like writing thank you notes.

.           .           .

This old picture just makes you smile.  It looks like the epitome of joy at becoming a mother.

I am thankful to God for giving me not only my own Mama, but being born into a big family with too many women to count who are mothers to me as well- who were born to be mothers- and who have shaped who I am since I was born.  There is no greater blessing in family than to have mothers wherever you go.

Our mothers invest so much into our lives, but they don't stop there.  I'm thankful for their willingness and love that is so strong that they pray for you and with you more than anyone else and even when they are exhausted, they keep going.  Wherever you are, whoever you're with, whatever you do, what a blessing that your mother is always with you in your heart ♥

What I think about most when I think of mothers is to me, what I love most.  Whenever you're in the arms of your mother, everything is alright for that moment no matter what else is going on.  A Mama's hug is home.

God bless you if you are a mother!  Here's to all of the mothers whose love reaches the ends of the earth for their children, who are patient and kind and loving, whose calling is to raise their sons and daughters, who so lovingly stay up at night with sick babies, who juggle it all and never show how tired they are, who are the cores of their home and are steel magnolias during the tough times, and most importantly who never give up on their children.

....and because I love it so much, even though I think I posted it last year, I'm including this.  It is true and funny, shows the meaningful love of mothers, and makes me smile.

.          .          .

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  1. What a beautiful post about mothers.. I too had a wonderful mother, and hope that I was a good mother. I gave it my best shot!!!!!

    Hope you are well. I had my surgery on Thursday --and even though, I'm better, I still am struggling with some pain....No Fun!!!!!

    Have a great week.

  2. Love, love, love this post. :) So very true and beautiful. And I love that last bit about what our moms have taught us, haha! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing and linking up with Faithful Fridays, Jazzmin! :)

    God bless and much love,
    Joy :)


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