Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Days

Happy 1st of May!
Wow, did April fly by!  I hope you had a wonderful April and a wonderful
start to Spring, since it is the first full month of beautiful Spring.
April has been crazy busy here but also wonderful, with so many blessings, great family
 time, fun, and relaxing and doing things I love on the weekends.

I love this time of year!  I get so excited about it- everything is so bright, both
the mood and literally.  I think I mention that a lot, but it is so true.  
The food, the flowers, the skies, the feel.
These are my favorite shots and things I enjoyed about this month.

One of our first strawberries from the garden, ripe for the pickin' ;)
It is so exciting growing strawberries!  Picking them so far has been so
fun and I hope we get enough in the future to make a pie or cobbler.

I loved experimenting with baking and new recipes and looking for new recipes,
 as I always do.  It is so nice to get to use the pure Mexican vanilla my Grandma brought
 me back from Mexico this year.  Mmmm.  It seems to make things richer.

Something we love to do is decorate and rearrange furniture and create
new spaces.  Since I can remember, my Mama would ask me a few times a year
how I thought the living room or whatever room it was would look if we moved things
this way or that or changed the decor.
Since we've been in this house, we haven't changed up things nearly as much as
we used to because it's a little smaller, but a couple weekends ago we had so much
fun together creating this new kitchen nook area.  It is so cozy with the hutch
and the perfect breakfast area.  We also have our aprons hanging to the side.
It was extra neat to get to add Spring touches to the table.

Lately I have had the delight of getting into cake decorating.  I love it!
It fills my need to be artistic.  After not being in serious art classes for a few years like
I used to be, it was so nice to find something to do that was somewhat like painting...
except in this case it's painting icing onto cakes.
I'm a beginner, but I am so excited to get better and try new cakes and ideas.
This is my first cake and I started with something really simple.  I made the icing, 
which thankfully turned out nice and smooth.
Piping the bottom is harder than it looks, but it was really fun to try it out.
It was a special cake I made for my family so I got a little decorative and
put a tulip on top and finished
with a star tip border.

And inside...
Surprise!  It's pink :)

It is such a beautiful sight to look out the back window to see our
bush of pretty, pink roses blooming brightly.  As it gets hotter- because Summer
is already starting to make it's appearance more and more- they are fading a little,
but oh how lovely they are.  We have loved cutting a few to add some
cheer to our table each weekend and there are still more than plenty left.
Having fresh flowers in your home gives everything a lovelier feel.

Just last week, I got to go to the graduation party of one of my best friends
whom I have known since we couldn't even tie our shoes.
She and her sister are both so special to me and I got to see them again for the first 
time in what I think was almost a year.  I had so much sheer
 joy to see them again.  The moment we saw each other was more emotional
 than I thought it would be, and was the sweetest moment.
I also had fun getting the chance to dress up.  I finally got to wear this sequin blouse,
which I put over top a semi-formal dress that has a top I don't like.
I have a thing for sequins.  They feel very mermaid-y to me.

Having lunch with my family in this beautiful place with all these gorgeous trees
on the sunniest, prettiest day was another great memory from April.

My favorite view of all during Spring... a vibrant sea of native wildflowers
on a country road we drove to see.  

Other amazing parts of April were celebrating the incredible ransom of Jesus
and more recently finishing school for the semester (for the most part).

I hope you have had a wonderful week.
This has been such a busy month that I have only had the chance to write Faithful 
Fridays for the past few weeks.  It is a joy to get to write today!

Blessings to you
and wishing you a relaxing weekend!


  1. Jazzmin, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing April through your eyes! What a treat! I love the sweet spring nook you and your mama created...and those roses are gorgeous. You did an excellent job with your cake decorating! LOVED the tulip...and that you made it special because it was for your family. :) I can truly appreciate your love of pure Mexican vanilla. Our daughter always kept me supplied when they lived in Mexico City. There is nothing to compare it to in the States.

    I trust that your month of May will be as refreshing as the month of April was for you!


  2. I always enjoy visiting you here, Jazzmin...
    Your kitchen nook is beautiful, charming, and cozy!
    And your cake decorating is amazing!
    We are bakers here, as well.
    Flynn's favorite favorite color is pink...
    She and Peyton made a pink cake this week too!
    Enjoy your days...

  3. Jazzmin, what a lovely walk through your April. Your roses are something else! Just beautiful, as was your cake. You did a beautiful job in your decorating. Tulips are my favorite flower.
    Blessings for the month of May.

  4. Happy First of May to you too... Love your pink cake and icing... Just keep on doing it --and you will soon be an expert cake-decorator!!!!!! The cake goes perfectly with those pink flowers... Perfect for MAY.

    Sounds like you had a marvelous time at the graduation... So glad you got to see some special friends...


  5. Jazzmin,

    I truly enjoyed all of your beautiful April photographs! What a treat to have strawberries already! We have a bit of a wait yet. : ) The cake you decorated is lovely. My younger sister decorates cakes, and she now has her own business making wedding cakes. She loves it. The photo you took of the wildflower field is so peaceful and pretty.

    May you have a blessed weekend!



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