Friday, May 2, 2014

Faithful Friday: Beautiful Psalm 4:8

I can lie down and sleep peacefully because I dwell in the safety of the Lord.  Wow.  There is something about this, even before it is written on this painting, that makes my heart and soul so thankful and closes away my worries.  One of my most special, savored times I spend with God is right before I got to sleep.  I would not give up talking to Him before bed for anything.  I am so blessed and comforted to tell Him my thoughts, my burdens, my hopes for others, and everything before I drift off.  It is so amazing to have the feeling of offering everything to Him and off of me, allowing me to feel light and freer as I fall asleep.
The aspect of my walk with God as I have grown throughout the years that I have appreciated perhaps the most is knowing He is a loving and warm God of comfort.  A true Father.  Oh how David's words ring true in this Psalm to how I feel each night, knowing I can sleep in peace without burden in my heart because God has made me safe.  I can't describe the childlike, most precious feeling I have.  What a gift to dwell in His safety.

The end of our day each night can be stressful because we are thinking of things we have to do later, things we didn't get done today, burdens and worries, stresses, health problems, parts of our current situations we wish would go away.  I have that feeling too.  But then I crawl into bed and talk to my Lord and everything changes.  Sometimes He puts me so at peace that my worry fades away so much that I fall asleep during my prayer and wake up the next morning to realize I never finished!  No matter what it involves, feeling God's peace over you is the best feeling ever.  There have been nights where I was so overwhelmed or had a feeling of sadness about something, but remembering this changed that in seconds.

Know that it doesn't matter what you are going through because God knows your heart more than anyone, and he can soothe it better than anyone.  God wants us to dwell in his safety, not stay awake worrying and feeling anxious.  How wonderful to sleep as gently and peacefully as that sweet dog in the painting (which I love, by the way)!  My heart is so overjoyed at the beauty of this verse.


Happy first weekend of May to y'all!

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Faithful Fridays is a link up over on my friend Joy's blog, Doodlebug.  You can visit her and be inspired by her posts, here.


  1. Ahhh...I love that time, too, Jazzmin dear! Climbing into bed knowing that I can rest peacefully because my Father, the God who never sleeps nor slumbers, is taking care of me. I trust you will have a good weekend, my friend.

  2. That was just beautiful Jazzmin!
    We are so blessed to have the peace of God in every area of our lives.
    Have a blessed week end


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