Friday, May 23, 2014

Faithful Friday: Sufficient Grace!

Happy Friday!  I am thanking the Lord another weekend is here!
This verse I want to share has been working in my heart, but only today did I read it ALL with
full thought about what an amazing statement God is making through these words.
Sometimes you stare at something for a really long time or read it a hundred times and you 
don't get the full meaning or something doesn't click, until when it finally does, you are so thankful.
I guess it's like when you stare at a math problem and you might be so stumped, and then you
understand it and can't believe you never saw that before... that's sort of how this was for me.

I LOVE moments like this, most of all in my walk with God and realizing
things about a bible verse through those types of sudden thoughts that may hit me.
For this verse, I am talking here on the first part, up to "weakness"...
I have read this so, so many times, but for some reason
I always focused my attention on the second portion of that part of the verse.
Those words, "for my power is made perfect in weakness", have resonated with me and
been so beautiful in my eyes because they always remind me that a sinner and completely
imperfect girl who fails God continuously like me is not past hope.
It reminds me that my mistakes and imperfect ways don't make me too far gone.
Instead, God can work with me and mold me as the sculptor that He is to make something
wonderful out of a mess.  And I am so grateful for that beyond words and maybe even
my own understanding.

for some reason, my mind has been so in love with that part of the verse
that I did not truly focus on the first words before it.  So, waking up this morning and reading
this, I guess it was time for me to change that, because I read this and then those words,
"my grace is SUFFICIENT for you", hit me in a new way.
This message is found in other places in the bible, but so clearly stated here especially...
the message to you and I that God's grace is sufficient.  For everything.
There is no sin, no imperfection, no weakness, no person
that is beyond the help and graces of God.
And that is what I am now focusing on in this verse.  It was something I really
needed to hear and it changed my day after praying a lot about something on my heart.
This was also a reminder to me that aside from knowing God as a compassionate and loving
Father, my other favorite thing to know and appreciate so much about Him is
that He is all powerful without limit.
  So what a blessing to think about that in this case... applied to
the fact that there is no limitation whatsoever on how powerful God's grace is
and the extent to which it can cover our sins, strengthen us, and ultimately redeem
us and make us new in Christ.

What stands out to you about this verse?

Blessings to you always :)
Have a lovely weekend!

.             .             .

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  1. My grace is sufficient for you...such a precious portion of Scripture, isn't it Jazzmin? There have been times when I'm all in a tizzy over something that is taking place in my life and am certain there is no way I can go on...but then He reminds me of those six words..."My grace is sufficient for you" and I can not explain fully how those six words (because they are God's six words) bring peace and calm over me and I know I CAN go on! Thank you so much, Jazzmin, for sharing this particular verse! Hugs to you and prayers for a wonderful weekend of relaxation for you!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this very much. Its beautiful what you can find when you really take verses apart. What stands out to me is that His grace IS sufficient. It doesn't say His grace WAS sufficient before we sinned and now its not anymore. We constantly rely on His grace. I am definitely constantly given grace from God, and I am so grateful that He loved me regardless of my many, many, many flaws!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jazzmin!


    PS - Thought of you yesterday as I drank sweet tea :)

  3. Your heart was just precious Jazzmin, as you shared with us this verse.
    "God's grace..." Amazing in its self, and something our tiny brains can really take in, or even truly understand. But those of us who know Him, can testify of His abundant grace which He bestows upon us DAILY.
    I love that He pours His grace upon us in the measure that we need, when we need it. What a loving God!
    Oh the wonderful grace of Jesus!
    So nice to visit here at the end of my day.
    Bless you sweet girl!

  4. Lovely Jazzmin, what a precious piece of God's Holy Word! Your post was delightful, my friend. I love how you described how the Lord used this verse in your life and how you "finally" saw it - yes, moments like that are truly amazing.

    I am in awe of God being made strong when I am weak - there is always this little annoying voice in the back of my head saying I have to do it my way and in my strength in order for it to get done. Wrong!! When there is less of me there is more of God and when He is first in my life than He is the strength and Commander in my life.

    Beautiful post, sweet friend. Have a blessed Memorial Day! Hugs to you!


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