Friday, May 30, 2014

Faithful Friday!

Happy weekend!
Life has been so busy lately and I have missed blogging more regularly.
I am hoping to take advantage of some free time soon
to share some things, hopefully some photos and a recipe :)
I hope y'all have had a wonderful and blessed week.

This verse is one I am so glad to be reminded of today.  
I am ever thankful and indebted to God for the beautiful meaning this verse has
in my life.
How powerful the thought is that because of the Lord's love for us, we cannot
be consumed.  We may fail Him daily and succumb to selfish desires or falter in
certain areas of our lives, but with God's love we are not consumed by that.
No matter how hard the devil tries to get us to move over to his side,
God is with us and He will hold onto us.
God's love never fails, and as one of my favorite verses tell us, nothing
can seperate us from His love.  And as it says here,
His compassions never fail and his mercies are new each morning.

How amazing to stop and think about that...
Every single morning of our lives that we are blessed to wake up,
God is ready and waiting to be compassionate towards us, have mercy on us,
and is ready to forgive.

Reading this, I am hit by how different life would be without that.
What misery to wake up and not have God there, or to serve a God
who was just waiting to punish and leave us when we failed Him, a God
without compassion.
I thank our Lord that just the opposite is the case!

This is a blessing of a verse to read in times of self-doubt, pain and hardship,
or whatever we are dealing with.  Even if we aren't in any kind of hardship at the moment,
we can be so thankful that God's love and compassion and tender mercies
are waiting for us every single day, keeping us from being consumed by our

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

.           .           .

Faithful Fridays are hosted by Joy on her blog, Doodlebug.  Click here to read her wonderful posts.


  1. Happy happy and peaceful weekend, my friend!!!!

  2. This is a beautiful post, Miss Jazzmin. I have often been praying on this very subject see, my dad and mom have been quite ill...and I have been taking them to a lot of doctors' appointments. I have come across so many older folks in pain...and I wonder how they possibly handle life every day with our Lord. It has given me a whole new focus to pray about and minister to.

    Hope all is well with you...and that you are enjoying your summer! You must be off from school by the way, what year did you just finish?

    Have a wonderful day, dear one!
    Mrs. Laura


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