Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Storm

Red.  That was the color that was covering the entire screen on the radar last night.  Yellow was everywhere too, but mostly red.  I have a fascination with weather, but at the same time I have a fear of scary weather.  As long as it doesn't get too bad, though, I love it...

These long, loud storms like the one last night have the loudest claps of thunder, drawn out into more like booms and eruptions than claps.  They last and they start out weaker and then they grow to sound like the roars of lions.  That deep, heavy roar that seems to shake the ground... at least from what I know it feels like at the zoo.  Thunder is beautiful, but when it roars and claps as hard and as suddenly as it did last night it can be a little scary, I think.  At the same time it is soothing when it subsides into smaller sounds, more like little drum rolls of thunder.
But my favorite thing in the world about rain-storms is lying in bed and drifting off to sleep or reading like I was last night and hearing a never-ending trickle of thick, stormy rains on the roof.  I love that pitter-patter sound of those heavy raindrops that eventually make their way to the edge of the storm drain and start to fall and trickle in streams down the side of the house.  That is when I know the storm is staying awhile and that it is good and strong, and I have been in love with the feeling of the comfort of soothing rain ever since I can remember.  A good storm- but not too strong a storm- makes Spring and Summer feel alive because you know that it is watering all the flowers, giving a much needed drink to things that were starting to dry up and whither, and because storms this time of year are almost nostalgic to the season.  Just like when it's evening and you see one rolling in and the skies start to get that perfect darkness and the air cools down, a new smell of wetness in the air telling of the storm around the corner.

It is funny that people, myself included, can be frightened by thunder, when lightning is really the thing that can hurt you.  I am that way but only when the thunder is deafening, because somehow that makes me feel like the storm could be worse than I thought.  But lightning... despite it being the thing about storms that can hurt you... lightning has always seemed neat and just beautiful to me.  On nights just like last night, I like to look out the window at the lightning as it brightens the sky and everything outside.  Sometimes it seems to illuminate everything in a light that almost feels like it's from heaven and sometimes that light goes on and on through consecutive lightning strikes and it almost looks like day-time for a few seconds.

I always hope and pray we won't get any truly scary or dangerous storms, although summers in the South always seem to bring quite a few, whether in Tornado Alley or in other states... but as long as we don't have tornadoes, I welcome storms.  Last night was our first glimpse this season of a big storm like the ones we start to see this time of year.  I loved staying up late and listening, because listening is the best thing you can do when it's raining, the most wonderful thing.  Everytime we get a storm like this, I am reminded of how it makes me feel alive to simply hear all the little parts of it, how each storm has a melody of it's own as the rain drops fall down or slant-ways or whichever way they fall and create the background music of nature for a few hours or for a night.  Even the details of each sound amaze me, like how one sound of thunder may sound close and another may sound more like a warning of what more is coming our way from a distance.

I could listen to thunder and rain forever because it's beautiful and it somehow makes me feel closer to God to be able to hear rain falling straight from heaven onto my roof, trickling in a mix of soft and hard and soothing me to sleep, spilling onto ground outside my window.  The only thing better would be to lie in a hammock on the front porch with my eyes closed listening to the same thing.

This morning it was still raining.... cozy, cozy, cozy.  I'm hoping for more days and mornings like this through Spring and into Summer.  There is nothing that makes me feel cooled off more than even the mere sound of rain falling.

Is it obvious I love weather through the fact that I just wrote so much simply by being inspired by the lovely sounds of a storm?  :)

Do you enjoy storms?

Just like we should stop to smell the roses, we should stop and listen to the rain.  I love listening to this while I study or read.  So relaxing...

Have a blessed day!


  1. Love a spring rain, my friend...
    For all the reasons you mentioned. : )
    I love the cozy rainy days scattered throughout the hot days of summer too.
    Have a cozy evening!

  2. Jazzmin dear, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings about storms and spring rains. We had some last night. I, like you, enjoyed watching the lightening as it would light up parts of the outdoors. The thunder was especially nice to listen to last night, as was the rain coming down and hitting the window panes gently. Hugs to you, sweet friend. Dianna

  3. We had a lovely rain storm the other night and as I laid in bed I enjoyed the sound of the rain hitting the skylight :) We had some snow the other day and today we had a heavy frost - ugh :( I am praying the frost did not kill my Peonies, Poppies, Roses, and other blossoms that are starting to come up.

    I hope you are doing well, dear friend. I have missed you! I have been so behind with blogging as of late due to busyness and I am really hoping things slow down soon so I can get back into the groove of blogging.

    Take care, lovely lady! Love and hugs!

  4. This was lovely listening to you talk about the beauty of a storm. There is something relaxing about the rain taping on the roof top, just love it. :-)
    Rainy weather gives me a surge of energy,I get so much accomplished!
    Have a beautiful rest of the week.
    Joy to you! Debbie


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