Saturday, June 14, 2014

Faithful Friday: Protecting Me

God's guidance in our lives is something I think about all the time- I'm amazed by it, mystified in the most wonderful way of his omnipotent power over every aspect of our lives, and thankful.  It is such a comfort. However, a part of this that I've been thinking about is the way that He guides our lives in ways we may not be thankful for at the time.  This is something that is hard for me, but I pray that I can embrace it.  It is so easy to thank God when His will for our life is taking place in ways that please and delight us... but it is significantly harder when our lives take a different turn.  When we are in that moment and what we felt would happen didn't happen afterall or whatever we were counting on and hoping for didn't come, we feel off and like something isn't right, like things are not meant to be this way.

It is a whole different story just a little ways down the road, though.  This has been such a lesson to me.  I know that just a few years ago, there were definitely things I thought I needed in my life, people I thought I wanted to get to know better or be closer to, and plans I thought I wanted for my life.  Just a little farther down the line, I hit a place where I looked back and wondered WHY on earth I wanted those things.  They didn't appeal to me anymore.  I looked back only to think about how different- for worse- my life would be had those things happened or had certain people or things come into or stayed in my life.  It is after that realization that I got the much, much bigger realization that these things didn't not work out for just ANY reason... God was protecting me from them, from what I thought in my naive heart that I wanted.

And my heart is bursting with thankfulness and the greatest love and amazement!   To me, looking back and knowing this is the greatest testimony we can have to ourselves because it is the best possible reminder that we can trust God to lead us into His plans for us instead of ours; we saw it act out in our own lives.  It shows us with blaring proof that we don't always know what we want, but God always does.  We may have a desire for one thing that we feel we can't live without, but God may see that that one thing is what He needs to protect us from becoming wrapped up in.   I could never have enough gratefulness and appreciation to the Lord for this... but I live in awe of how God allows you to be distanced at just the right time from what you aren't meant to have in your life.  The most amazing thing is when you can make of sense of it... you may still long for it because you thought about if for so long, but then you see that it never fully made sense in the first place.  Before then, though, it is easy to get upset because something we want to happen won't happen... what a perfect opportunity to open our eyes to more than our heart's desires and think about what reason God may have for this not happening.  He may just be protecting us from something that could be the opposite of what we thought.

I know that these lessons are an incredible blessing and teacher.  Like everything else in having faith, it all leads back to trusting God with our lives and not ourselves.  I am amazed to think back and ponder over moments when my heart once pleaded for what I thought was meant for me and then wondering why that never came, and finally seeing how everything aligned for better.  Only a plan written by God himself could bring us away from what we thought we needed and toward much better blessings we never expected.

Blessings to you :)

Have a happy weekend!

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I'm linking to Faithful Fridays, hosted by Joy on her lovely blog, Doodlebug.  You can visit and read her wonderful posts, here.


  1. Jazzmin, dear, you have been blessed with such a tender heart and teachable spirit. It is always evident in your writings. We had a pastor one time who often made this statement, "They got what they wanted, but lost what they had". That has stuck with me all these years, and I thought of it again as I read your post. We often think WE know what is best, and are SURE that the Lord must want it for us too. " Just a little farther down the line, I hit a place where I looked back and wondered WHY on earth I wanted those things. "...I have felt the exact same way, Jazzmin. I, too, am grateful for God's tender mercies in not always giving me what I think is best for me!

    I do hope that you are enjoying warm weather (and that you are enjoying air conditioning along with it). I am sure you and your family have some fun times planned for the summer! I continue to pray for you, my friend.

    Dianna xo

  2. Love, love, love this post. So very true! I love seeing how God works, even through our struggles--or rather, especially through our struggles!

    Thank you for sharing and participating in Faithful Fridays, Jazzmin! :)

    God bless and have a great week,
    Joy :)


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