Saturday, June 7, 2014

Faithful Friday: The Truth in Letting Go and Letting God

These are beautiful words with the most miraculous meaning behind them, a meaning that gives us true peace and serenity in our hearts despite even the toughest adversities.  You have likely heard this many times.  I'm sure I have probably written about this before also.  But yesterday I was inspired to write about this in a different way, because I finally realized the truth of what I believe it means to let go and let God take over...

Giving my problems and my entire life to God is something I have thought about thousands of times.  I pray about it often also, and have always thought of it as simply trusting God because I know that my life could be in no better hands.  Yesterday, though, I had a deeper realization of why giving ourselves and our problems to God is the best way.

I was listening to the radio and happened upon a station where I heard a man talking about a question he had received from a listener.  It was asking about this very thing... the girl had asked what she should do with her problems?  Should she sit back and not think at all and let God just have his will encompass her life?  I realized that I thought much like her, because when I consciously give things to God I often feel like I can just let them completely go.  And I can.  But what was talked about while I was listening yesterday was that while we should do that, we shouldn't just stop thinking.  In fact, we should think more- but not stressfully as we would if we tried to own all of our problems without giving them to the Lord; instead, we should think with peace in our hearts about why we can have faith that God will take care of the problem we have given him.  And then the thing that settled my heart most was said.... that the main thing we should ponder after we've given something to God is how we have experienced His grace and help and His faithfulness in the past.

This made me realize in a new way, and in a way of new appreciation and assuredness, that when I release a problem or part of my life to God, the thing I should do is not sit and stress more about my problem.  It is also not to wonder IF he can take care of it, or to think more about how I myself can handle it alone.  The thing that will help most is to relax and think, while God takes over, about how faithful He has been to me in the past when I have let go.  We can just keep reminding ourselves of this.  What better way is there to feel release and relax as we let the Lord work in our lives or on our problem!

This was such a blessing to me to re-think "Letting go and letting God"... to better understand what it means, to realize that you don't have to keep stressing.  You just have to keep focusing on God' faithfulness to you  and trusting He will take care of you because He always has.


Have a beautiful day!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head, my friend. It's certainly easy to say "Let go and let God," but then to put it in action can be somewhat of a difficult task. Thank you for this beautiful and encouraging post.

    I trust all is well with you. It seems like ages since I have stopped by and said hello. You are often in my thoughts as well as in my prayers.

    Take care and have a blessed Sunday! Love to you, my friend!

  2. Well said, dear Miss Jazzmin! How often do we claim to "give it all to God" and then spend so much time still fretting over our problems. His grace is truly sufficient...

    Have a blessed weekend, dear one!

  3. What a precious post on giving our problems to God feel that peace that comes as we think on His faithfulness to us in the past. He increases our faith as we do so. A precious truth indeed! Thank you, dear Jazzmin, for sharing this blessing. Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend!

  4. Thank you sweet Jazzmin, for such a thought provoking and reminder of a post.
    I believe it is a daily struggle for each of us, but oh the wonderful grace of God.
    Daily we must focus on God's faithfulness just as you said, and by faith we are to trust with out fear and worry. He loves us, and wants only our best, that should be enough on its self to keep us from worry.
    It was good to visit you tonight.
    Have a beautiful rest of the week.
    Joy to you! Debbie

  5. I enjoyed this post very much, Jazzmin. I loved when you said, "the main thing we should ponder after we've given something to God is how we have experienced His grace and help and His faithfulness in the past." This is exactly how I have gotten through my struggles over the years - remembering He helped me before and He will do it again. After all, there is fresh mercy every morning! (Lamentations 3:22-23).

    You have such a sweet nature that comes out in all your writings, Jazzmin. May the Lord bless you richly!


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