Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer by the Creek

Happy Summertime!

I hope your weekend, which brought with it a new season,
was a wonderful one.
It is so hard to believe Summer is already here, when it feels like we just said
Hello to Spring and now it's gone.

The very beginning of Summer seems like a time when the weather is
 nice no matter what state you are in- it isn't usually cold anywhere by this time,
and it also isn't yet too terribly sweltering anywhere either.
Here in the South, it is starting to get a lot warmer, but surprisingly
we haven't even had one three-digit degree day yet.  I love that!
I'm sure we will be getting more than our share very soon, though ;)
I'm just thankful for air-condition, lemonade, and swimming...
especially swimming holes.

I have an affinity for "swimmin' holes", Cypress hanging
overhead, blocking out a little bit of the sun's rays on a hot day. 
The trickles of sun that do make it through the branches dance on
the surface of the water sweetly.
They are part of my personal definition of Summer that I've
acquired growing up here, and I hold onto that as a part of me and what I
fall in love with about every Summer.

When we can't take a day-trip or go over to the next town (which has some of
the prettiest natural places to swim that I've ever seen) to swim, we quench our longing 
for the water by coming to sit down by the creek that is a few minutes walking
 distance  from our house.
We've been doing that a lot lately and sitting there below all the trees in a
 place that reminds me of a dream is as close to heaven as a short walk someplace
can get me.  I feel so blessed to get to come here on hot days and enjoy the rippling
waters of this creek and feel almost tucked away from the
world for a little while, soaking in the view and the memories that
will one day be what I will look back on when I think about how
I spent these long, dreamy summers as a girl.

One day when we came back from the creek, 
I started reading Little House on Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder,
and I fell in love with the picture she painted with her words
of the creek she once lived by:

"The flat creek bank was warm,
soft mud.  Little pale-yellow and pale-blue
butterflies hovered there, and alighted and
Bright dragonflies flew on blurry wings.
The mud squeezed up between Laura's toes...
there were tiny pools of water in their footprints.
Where they waded in the shallow water
a footprint would not stay.  First a swirl like
smoke came up from it
and wavered away in the clear water...
There were tiny fishes in the water.
They were so small that you could hardly see them.
Only when they went swiftly  sometimes
a silvery belly flashed...

Suddenly they came out of the high grass and
the creek was there.
It ran twinkling over white gravel
into a wide pool, curved against a low bank where
the grass was short.  Tall willows
stood up on the other side of
the pool.  Flat on the water lay a shimmery
picture of those willows, 
with every green leaf fluttering".
-Laura Ingalls Wilder
{On the Banks of Plum Creek}

Wishing you a wonderful Summer!

What are you most looking forward to this season? :)

Blessings! ♥


  1. Beautiful photographs!! And I love the quote from "Little House". : ) May you have a blessed week Jazzmin!


  2. Hello, What a beautifully written post! The photos are wonderful. What a sweet little dog. We bought our first watermelon yesterday. It is sweet and delicious and reminds me of good times with family when I was little. God bless your day! Mildred

  3. Hello Jazzmin!
    This was such a sweet post! I felt as if I was right there with you sitting by your "water hole". I love the way you said that. :-)
    Your pictures were beautifully done.
    We too have a creek right next to our cozy little cabin in the woods. I especially enjoy it when the snow is melting and the run off is rushing down. We are blessed to be able to live where we are.
    I pray you are having a beautiful summer?
    Joy to you! Debbie


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