Sunday, July 20, 2014

Faithful Friday, Sunday Style!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend.  I am writing a Faithful Sunday today, haha, or rather a Faithful Friday post on Sunday.  Busyness over the past couple of days has not given me time to write.  I am glad to get that time now, though :)

Today I want to share this verse that I was reminded of when I came upon it yesterday.  This is such an important thing to keep in mind in our walk with God.  The words here clearly express what it means to love God.  This is amazing to think of, because I know so many- including myself- who are always thinking and saying how much they love God, yet many are not keeping his commandments.  It is so eye opening to see that God provides us with such a finite part of the definition of what it is to love him!  If we are not following His laws and commandments, we are actually showing God that the things we put before Him and the bad habits we can't break are more important than Him.  By following His word, we show God how much we love him!   This may seem like an obvious truth, but seeing the reality of this in this verse captivates my heart and drives me all the more so to follow God's commandments whole-heartedly.

The second part is equally important: to not only love God by keeping his commandments and honoring them, but to do so with an attitude of willingness.  It can be easy to begin thinking that we can just follow the commandments that are convenient for us to obey.  We often know right from wrong and what type of behavior and actions in our lifestyle would please God, yet we go with the opposite because we find his commandments to us to be a burden.  Instead, how dynamically it will change and strengthen our faith to view HIS way as the way we WANT to go, not a way of burden or something we wish we didn't have to do.
This reminds of me of something that talented and inspiring author, Sarah Mally, mentions in her book Before You Meet Prince Charming.  I read it last Summer and to this day, one of the things she talks about that has made one of the strongest imprints on my thinking is something she said in reference to keeping your body and heart pure as you wait for God's best.  She discussed how waiting and remaining pure is not something we should dread or look at with a negative attitude, but we should instead be excited!  Excited that we are called to purity and excited that we have made the choice to be different from the world, different and set apart because we have chosen the way of the Lord.
We can adopt that mindset in all things!  This is the way we should view our lives in respect to our decision to follow God's ways in all areas of our lives... not as burdensome, but as a source of joy in knowing that we are pleasing God and surely choosing the best way of life.  And we can know that, because of this, we will be blessed and have His guidance; In no corner of the universe is the world's way even close to God's.

I am so inspired by this verse to have this type of attitude and fervor for following God's commandments as I seek to follow Him the best that I can, and I hope you are too!

Blessings to you :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Faithful Fridays are a link-up hosted by Joy on her lovely blog,  Doodlebug, and it is a chance to share your faith and be inspired by the faith of others.  You can visit her blog, here.


  1. I enjoyed visiting here today!
    thank you for sharing your wisdom!
    It's good advice and so true too.

  2. Jazzmin, It is so true that it is not a burdensome way of life by living and keeping His commandments! It truly is "a source of joy in knowing that we are pleasing God and surely choosing the best way of life."

    And we can rest easy with a clear conscience - it's worth everything to know that. God bless!

  3. Thank you, my dear friend, for this precious post! The Scripture reminds me of Jesus asking Peter three times if Peter loved Him and how the first two times that Peter answered he was essentially saying he "liked" Jesus.

    How I pray that I would love Jesus with ALL of my being, all of my soul and heart....and may He give me the strength to keep His commandments.

    Thank you for sharing such godly wisdom, sweet Jazzming. I greatly appreciate you! And thank you SO MUCH for the extra kind comment on my 2 Year Blogiversary post! You just about made me cry! :) I am so blessed to have you in my life and I thank God for you and your sweet-spirit.

    Love and hugs to you!


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