Saturday, July 5, 2014

Faithful Friday: Teach Us to Number Our Days

The words of this Psalm have been on my mind a lot lately.
Although it is something I know happens every day, it just seems like lately I have been
hearing more stories than ever before- whether on the news or personally told to me by
friends and family- about tragedy and illness and life being lost.
I hear about accidents, infants and little children dying, all of the lives lost from illnesses,
heart-wrenching stories of people losing their battles...
Sometimes, it is easy to feel weighed down by the sadness of realizing how
much people are truly suffering and how many people are dying of diseases.

A few things that particularly come to mind, that have made me think of this
more so lately, are some stories that especially stand out to me.  Two
of which, I have heard in the news very recently.
The first is a former hockey player- retired, I believe- who should be enjoying his days
spent with his children and relaxing after his career, but instead he is fighting for his
life against a disease where his heart is literally hardening from an extremely rare
illness.  One day, he was fine, the next thing he knew he was being
given months to live.
The second is of a young mother, also an Army wife,
who found out while she was pregnant that she had a terminal illness.
She did not do any treatment because she knew it would
hurt her baby and she only thought of her baby's life.
She carried her son to full term, but was told that there was nothing that
could be done for her.  She had her baby early this year and is now living
out what appear to be her final months of life.  A brand new
baby, a family, so young, and all the years of love and life and loving her children
are being stolen from her.

Another is of a household name who actually passed away years ago,
but his story is one I have heard much about because I grew up with baseball
 being a central part of my childhood... Lou Gehrig.
Famous Major League player of the 20's & 30's, perfectly healthy, strong, with
 his whole life ahead of him.  Everything came to a screeching halt when
he found out he had a disease that would gradually debilitate him until he could no
longer function.  He gave his farewell speech- the anniversary of
which was yesterday, July 4th- (one of the most inspiring and emotional speeches
ever given in my opinion) and retired from the game he loved so much at 36.
He passed away just two years later.
He was also a shining example of positivity to a degree that continues
to compellingly inspire and amaze people like myself over 70 years later.

These are the kinds of stories I think of when I read this verse.
Most of all, I think I am struck by the strength of those who go through such things.
I also feel the emotion of looking at all those I have known in my life who have
passed away from an illness or suddenly in an accident.
You just never know.  Tomorrow is never a guarantee.

This verse is a stirring reminder to me
to remember the importance of living wisely, living in a way where 
we realize how PRECIOUS a gift our lives are!
How fortunate and blessed we are to have something that is being
taken away from countless others as we speak.  I don't mean that in a negative way,
or to live where you are depressed because you feel that any moment
you could find out you have a disease or face death.
What I mean is that I have been reminded especially lately that learning to
wisely take into account how sweet and cherished each day is meant to be
changes your attitude and your faith.
It changes your outlook on the future and is something we should
remember, perhaps most of all for the fact that living with an awareness of
the preciousness and fragility of life gives us such a heightened sense
of the value of our time....

it inspires me to want to use my time for the best possible
things... to enjoy a life of faith and closeness to God, my family,
living the way He would want me to, 
and making it my goal to truly make use of this life I have
been given to help others and give of myself!
Not forgetting this makes life all the more beautiful, truthfully...
when I am reminded of this verse, I see everything more magically and in a way
where I appreciate it so much more because I put a higher
value on the simple moments, the sunsets, hugs, food, the views and
experiences I am thankful to have.

Tomorrow is not a promise, but right now is.
This Psalm is such a loving and meaningful reminder to us
that right now is the time to live for others and for God
in goodness and selflessness, having
 wisdom to know that our lives are a gift, not a guarantee.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend
and a fun and joyful time with family
on this blessed holiday weekend!

.           .           .

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  1. Oh Jazzmin dear, what a precious post. I love to read your writing because it is always from the heart. Thank you for that reminder from Psalm 90:12 about numbering our days. I have two close friends who have battled cancer over the past year. I've learned much from them about numbering our days. Thank you, Jazzmin, for sharing. I trust that you have been enjoying some rest from school work for a while and that you are having a good summer. Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

  2. Dear Jazzmin,
    This was such a heart felt and touching post. My heart was encouraged in an area where I am struggling. God used you to share this at a most appropriate time. I stand amazed at the working of the Holy Spirit, so personally in our lives.
    May the Lord bless you, as you have blessed me today.
    Thank you for visiting my place, I always enjoy a visit from you!
    Sweet blessings, Debbie

  3. So, so true. Beautiful post; love this! It reminded me once again of the book One Thousand Gifts. I love one of those last lines you wrote--"Tomorrow is not a promise, but right now is." That's pretty powerful.

    I didn't write a Faithful Friday post this past week, with it being the 4th and all, but thank you for participating! :)

    God bless and much love,
    Joy :)

  4. Hi Jazzmin, This is a beautiful and heartfelt post. I know many who are struggling with cancer diagnosis currently. It certainly reminds us to cherish each moment and to live our lives serving the Lord and loving our family. I hope you are enjoying some summer activities (if the heat is not too severe.)

  5. This is such a beautiful post, Miss touched my heart...especially after losing my older brother this past fall to cancer. His birthday was this past Saturday...and I still miss him so much. It certainly is a comfort to know that I will see him again, someday.

    Thank you so much for sharing this...
    With love and prayers,
    Mrs. Laura


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