Friday, August 29, 2014

Faithful Friday: Lean on GOD's Understanding

Happy Friday to you!
I hope your week was a very blessed one.
This past week has flown for me as it was my first week back in school.
I am so grateful for the time off I had for summer, but it is hard to leave it behind
and not be home as much anymore.  The positive in that is that will only
enhance my appreciation for the privilege of spending time at home and
getting time to do the things I love.  
I am thankful that this is a long weekend and am so looking forward
to jewelry making and baking a cake and spending the days with my family.

.          .          .

I was hoping to share something with you in the middle of the week, but
time got away from me with reading and assignments, so it is so nice
and refreshing to get to write a post to share today.

Recently, I came across these beloved and well known verses and read them,
 then thought of one aspect of them in a slightly different way.  I am always amazed how
 God can allow you to see something new or different in words within His word
that you have read hundreds of times.  It is so neat and captivates me, a feeling
of joy at seeing something from a different angle, so to speak.
I am in love with the words in these verses, their meaning, the comfort and 
assurance they make me feel... to imagine how, if we submit to the Lord, He Himself
guides our paths.
The portion that I saw differently the other day was "Lean not on your own
understanding".  I have read that so many times and I always think of it, every single
time, as God telling us to not relying on our own thinking and our own way of doing
things.  It also means to me to trust God with all our situations and trials because
he sees the rest of the picture and we do not.
However, I had never thought of it as meaning that we should not rely on our own
understanding of God's ways and His qualities specifically.  This was something
new for me to think about in reference to this scripture and that is the way I
suddenly saw it, with this new meaning added to it.
Maybe that sounds like something simple and obvious, but it is so interesting how
we all think of things differently and interpret things differently.  I had just not
taken those words to have such meaning before.  Personally, I found this so important
and a true revelation in my faith because I viewed it suddenly as pertaining to God's
working and His views of us...
How important it is to not think that we know everything about God, about
His love for us or about whether or not He will or will not do something.
  I think of this in terms of sin and being forgiven especially.
So many of us may feel like something we have done wrong or some habit we have
that we feel is a sin is unforgivable, feeling that God cannot forgive us.
Maybe we even feel like God is unfair in His ways concerning why He lets
death happen, why illnesses and suffering are happening all around us.

It takes great faith to believe that God can forgive you or that he can take away
the suffering in this world, but it takes even greater faith to KNOW he WILL forgive you
and that HE knows what the future holds and will put an end to those things.

Seeing this scripture in a different light or in other terms reminds me that
faith is not just leaning on God instead of yourself to get through tough times, but also
to lean on not your understanding or your opinion of what he will do, but to look
into His word to see the facts and the promises he holds.
He promises that if we are heartfelt in our repentance, God is quick to forgive us.
He is happy to forgive us.  God promises us this several times throughout the bible,
yet it is still hard for us to believe those words and we keep doubting that.
For me, this is because I find myself leaning on my own understanding of what He
means, rather than taking His word for what it clearly says in front of me.

This is a struggle for so many of us.
This scripture reminds me to pray for one another and for
ourselves to better understand God and what He feels for us and what
He can or cannot do.
May we listen to His promises as they are written instead of listening
to our own worries or are own concerns and doubts.

God bless you!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend!


  1. Don't you just love it when you read a well-known verse and the Lord uses it to teach you something new :) I find it truly amazing that we can read the Bible over and over and God always has something new to teach us. We may read it for 50 years and in all those years we will always grow and learn more - what a blessing!

    Thinking of you, my dear, precious friend! Sending love and hugs your way!

  2. Hi Jazzmin, Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I enjoyed your post very much. It is amazing, especially as I grow older, that as we grow and experience life, these verses (and even the hymns we sang as children, take on new and deeper meaning to us. I am thankful through blogging to be able to share friendships and prayer requests from women from many different places. God bless your new school year.


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