Saturday, August 16, 2014

Faithful Friday: Surrounded by Your Glory

Before I write anything more, 
I want to first say thank you with every part of my heart
for all of your kind words and prayers for my family.
This is such a hard time... hard to grasp what happened and hard to
deal with everything, and the comments on my "In Loving Memory" post
about my Aunt were such a blessing to my soul.
Thank you so much for your kindness.  Reading the comments several
of you so sweetly left was so encouraging and strengthening
and put such a smile inside of me because of how heartfelt they were.
It is amazing to know girls and ladies that I have never met
are so caring.  You are a true blessing to me.
Thank you ♥

.            .            .

 Yesterday got away from me and I was having trouble thinking of exactly
what I wanted to share this week, so I am posting today instead.
Today is what will probably seem a simple Faithful Friday post. 
Among the words I shared about my Aunt a few days ago, I shared a song.
Many of you may have heard that song several times before as it is 
a pretty well-known worship song.
It is by far one of my most favorite... I feel a love for the Lord and His
love for me perhaps more than ever when I am soaking up the notes, lyrics,
and feeling within that beautiful song, I Can Only Imagine.
If you have ever had a song that connected you to your faith so indescribably,
you know exactly what that feeling is like.


It has been in my head constantly since we returned from
the funeral and each time I start singing it in my head, I noticed that I always
start off with "Surrounded by your glory".
I thought about it and that is my favorite part, because of the incredible
meaning within that phrase.

Those words may sound simple, but it is a gift to really soak in their definition.
Surrounded... completely surrounded by God's love and His

The way I think of this personally is so beautiful to me, so priceless...
these words, to me, convey the most comforting and amazing picture of God being
with me every minute of every day.  Because he is.
No matter where we are, if we carry God in our hearts with us
he surrounds us with his glory.  His spirit is with us.
I am in awe of this truth.
There is no better place I can think of that I'd rather be than
surrounded by the most powerful force in my life.

I reflect on the times when I know undoubtedly that God
is with me... which he is all the time, but sometimes it is impossible even
more to not feel it... when I see an amazing sunset or the sun's rays
behind the clouds, when I look down at my faith bracelet, when I smell
a rose or see a mountain scene like I did in Colorado,
when a verse is put in front of me somehow at just the right moment.

Living everyday reminding yourself of how you are
surrounded by God's glory each moment makes every day 
more of a blessing than it could ever be otherwise.

May you wake up each day with the knowledge that no matter
what you may face throughout that day or what may come your way-
good or bad- nothing can really break your spirits
when you are surrounded by the glory of the Lord.

.            .           .

Here are the full lyrics to I Can Only Imagine
and the song for you to listen to if you'd like, 
in case you missed it on my last post, or have just never heard it.

Faithful Fridays is no longer a link-up and I will miss linking-up
and reading the posts of others.
I thought I would mention that because I do not have
the usual button I include at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for reading.
May you have a blessed rest of the weekend!

What is your favorite worship song?
I would love to know :)

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  1. Good morning, sweet Jazzmin! We serve such a precious, personal God, don't we? Your post greatly touched my heart and reminded me how He uses different things in life to encourage His children and it's always in such a sweet, personal way.

    May you continue to draw comfort and strength from Jesus Christ our Lord. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend. I love you!


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