Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Weekend: Kittens, Crafts, and BBQ

Is it just me or is it hard to believe it is almost Friday, again!?
I sat down to write a little about my weekend, only to realize that for some
reason I have been thinking that it is still early in the week and that it
is almost the weekend all over again.
This shorter week after Labor Day has me confused, but in the best way,
because I'm so thankful for the holiday weekend we just had
and the length of it.  I hope y'all had a blessed and enjoyable
Labor Day weekend!

Our weekend was so wonderful- pure fun and relaxation and
filled with the blessing of family time.
One of my favorite things was getting to share great food as a family
as we celebrated the long holiday weekend with BBQ one of the days
and cheeseburgers the next.  I love having a Daddy who loves
 to barbeque.  I can't complain ;)

Aside from that, I loved spending my time... with my Mama.  I will forever remember sitting at the
table with her, beading and crafting.  It is one of my favorite
places to be... sitting together, talking, stringing beads, getting excited
about our creations, sippin' on coke or lemonade or hot-chocolate
(depending on what season we're in) and just relaxing.
Those moments are my happy place and a blessing.
It has been so much fun collecting new beads and adding them into
our containers.  We are running out of room, though, (there are just too many
gorgeous beads at Hobby Lobby!) so egg carton storage has come in handy.

I love working with new charms and faceted dividers and beads we
come across...

...and getting creative, adding things like these beautiful brooch like

...Also doing some painting and illustrating practice.  There is nothing
so satisfying and lovely to me- when jewelry-making, painting, or whatever
it might be- as laying out everything in front of you, in this case paints, squirting
them out to be ready to be used, and starting to create.
Right now, though, looking at this photo brings my taste buds back
to exactly how that delicious blueberry soda tasted.  So good.

...Playing with and watching the precious kittens outside.
Their Mama had her kittens, I believe it was, around the time we left for our
vacation.  A few weeks ago, she started bringing them to our back porch and it has
been so sweet to get to look out our back door to see them playing, wrestling
with each other, being given a "bath" by their mama, and sleeping.
They are too cute for words.

...Another wonderful part of the "food" aspect of our weekend as a family was starting
it off Friday night with delicious Bacon Mac n' Cheese, which we made on the stove
and then took some of it and baked it with cheese and breadcrumbs on top.  Oh my gracious.
We also whipped up a chocolate cake that night.  It was definitely a bright
start to the weekend. 

What a nice, long Labor Day weekend it was.
I am thankful that another weekend is now just around the corner.

How was your holiday weekend??

Wishing y'all a blessed day!


  1. Jazzmin dear, your long weekend sounds absolutely delightful! I loved this post because it helped me to get to know you a bit better...things you enjoy in both food and crafts! I hope one day you will share pics of some of your creations...both from the beading world and also your painting. That Bacon Mac N Cheese sounds SO yummy! Would you care to share the recipe on the blog one day?

  2. Yes! Recipe, please!!!'
    Your weekend does sound as if it were cozy, fun, and filled with yummy food...
    I hope this weekend is just as fun!
    Always enjoy our visits, my friend. : )

  3. Yes, please do share the recipe, I'm a lover of all things bacon.

    It is so neat that you and your mama can craft together! It makes for a special bonding time, I'm sure. Your necklaces look so pretty!

  4. Hi, I love reading this post. My late mom and I had a very close relationship and enjoyed being together to cook or craft or garden or sightsee. You two certainly have a lot of beads etc. to craft with this upcoming winter. Have you two ever tried the apple cider mix packets from Walmart. It has a hint of cinnamon and is very good on a cold winter afternoon. Glad you all enjoyed grilling out for the holiday. We visited with new neighbors across the street over the long weekend. At a recent block party we met many of the new folks moving in and we are blessed with great neighbors. Your kittens are so sweet! I have 6 cats and 1 dog - I love pets!
    God bless you this weekend.

  5. Awww... just look at those sweet kitties! I just want to snuggle with them :)

    Your Labor Day Weekend sounded absolutely wonderful and the time spent with your precious mama made me smile - what sweet times! It's certainly a blessing to have a close relationship with your mother. Treasure those times, my friend.

    The diamond buttons are so pretty and look similar to the ones I bought a few weeks ago from Hobby Lobby.

    So nice to visit you, dear Jazzmin! Sending much love and big hugs your way!

  6. Good Morning Miss Jazzmin!
    I've enjoyed "catching up" on some of your posts this morning! This one is especially special...times with your precious. I just love to "craft", as you know! And so much of what I know I learned from my mama and nana...wonderful memories!

    Have a lovely day, dear!


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