Friday, October 24, 2014

Faithful Friday: In ALL Your Ways

Happy Friday!
I began writing a post recently that I am very passionate about and am enjoying writing, but with these busy days of working on school and everything that has come with it lately, I have not had a chance to finish it. Hopefully I will get to soon!  This is also the reason that I did not get around to sharing anything last Friday.
For today, I am sharing something that has been processing in my mind this week as I've pondered it. I feel like I am forgetting about exactly what verses or thoughts I've written about before, and I'm not sure that I haven't written about this Proverb before.  I thought I may have because of how amazing this verse is and how much it has influenced me, but if so, I hope I am sharing in a somewhat new way than I did before- if I did before. That applies to all Faithful Fridays I write in the future, because I'm sure there may be some repeats of things God has been working in me about again :)

.           .           .

Something I think about more as I get older is how important it is to see verses like this not just as "things to do" or "ways we can live", but instead as vital commandments.  The words in this Proverb encourage me to think of God always being the center of my "ways", to think of Him and what He would think of me for doing any given thing or even thinking a certain way.  

Most importantly, the key word ALL is what I am focusing on.  It is easy to think that we are pleasing God if we are acknowledging His laws and doing what is right in most areas, but if we know that we are not in other areas- even small ones- we cannot rely on Him to direct our paths.  It is misguided thinking if we feel that God will bless our lives fully and direct us if we are not giving our all to obey Him.  We are not perfect, though, and God sees our efforts!  I am not perfect in this, but seeking God and trying whole-heartedly to keep His commandments in not just some, but ALL, parts of my life is something I know that He sees.  

Doing what we know is not right in any area of our lives is an easy thing to overcome and change when we think of how little pleasure or satisfaction that tendency brings in comparison to being admired by, and in accordance with, God.  It can be something even as simple as dressing immodestly, for example.  If this is something you struggle with, is it really worth it to keep wearing those tight or revealing clothes because you like them when you know God is telling you that you are worth so much more than that?  By giving up those clothes, you would be acknowledging His ways.

This motivates my heart toward God and Jesus, to acknowledge the Lord in all ways, not just skipping around to what I feel like honoring Him with and doing whatever I want in other areas. 
I want to acknowledge God not only because I pray He will direct my paths, but because I seek to please Him.... in my words and speech, my actions, my attitude in life, priority of my faith, having a servant's heart toward my family and others, and in my way of dress, and everything else.

Let us think of this stirring verse and consider... in what parts of our lives are we not "acknowledging His ways" that we can change right now?

Blessings, and I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Excellent verse and message! If God be for us, who can be against us? We want to be on God's side (in His paths), so we can find fulfillment, success, and joy in Him.

    Looking forward to the passionate post you're working on ;)

  2. Always enjoy reading others thoughts on Bible verses. It is important to keep God first, if we do that our ways will acknowledge Him.

    Thanks for sharing this post, and I'll be looking forward to the post you feel passionate about.


  3. Once again, my sweet friend, you have given me much to ponder and think upon. When I visit your blog I feel as if I am being fed by the Word of God - there is so much "meat" in your posts.

    You are such a beautiful instrument for our Lord. May you continue to shine brightly for Him! Love you!


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