Wednesday, October 15, 2014

National Southern Belle Day!

Happy National Southern Belle Day!
I think it's so fun that there is even a day dedicated to this.
Happy NSB Day to all of you Southern belles, whether you were born
and raised here, you moved here, or you have never been and you are a 
Southern Belle at heart.

It is so neat to get to celebrate and recognize
 the things that make up the lives of girls and ladies in the South
and the traditions that have lasted generations and are a part of our lives
and our heritage in present day, but I think the most wonderful part is that this
 is a way to think back on and recognize the Southern Belles before us...
 the ladies who stared out at this same beautiful land centuries ago, 
 the ladies who cooked up grits and biscuits for their families- as daughters
 and mothers-  long before we were born or even our parents were born,
 who valued tradition and morals, values, and femininity, and even
 the ladies who were the pillars of the South during 
the Civil War.

I love to imagine those women, even my own ancestors, and what they
must have sounded like as they spoke, what they looked like as they floated
by while going for a stroll in their antebellum style dresses, their hair done up,
 their parasols in hand, gazing out at the Oaks and Spanish Moss.

To me, National Southern Belle Day is more about them
and their legacy than anything.

Southern Belles like this...



As I travel to see new parts of the South, even to new places closer to home, 
I fall more and more in love with the glorious Southern land, the look of
an alley of oaks and magnolias lining or hanging over a road.
Similarly, I am enamored with the beauty of the classic charm
of Southern architecture, the giant signature white columns on the front
 of old antebellum homes, the graceful scrolls above a door, and the
woodwork of the rails on a plantation porch.

These words below about the greatest Southern film of all time 
could not be more true.  
My love of the South is most deeply rooted in my
heart's adoration for it as my home.
I think that is characteristic of Southern Belles today just as
much as it was two hundred years ago; it is about
having a soulful connection with this place we came from.


In honor of National Southern Belle Day being today, here's to some of the things I can think of that are reminiscent of being one...

~Being passionate about your roots
~Sweet tea
~Knowing that the sound of cicadas is the soundtrack to your summers
~Visiting places around you and soaking in their Southern history (like visiting your parents' home town and seeing the old hanging tree)
~Having a place you never stop going back to, like the house generations of your family have lived in
~Tasting a recipe passed down for generations
~Sippin' a coca-cola in a glass bottle on the front porch
~Sitting in a porch swing, watching the world go by
~Mason jars
~"Bless your heart"
~Getting "gussied up", especially on Sundays
~Being daddy's girls
~Growing up being taught class, charm, and most importantly: manners
~Mamas and their wisdom: "If you're gonna be anything, be gracious."
~Endin' your words in "in'", not "ing"... see what I did there? ;)
~The joy of cooking for your family
~Valuing faith and family above all else

Many Southern women feel unequivocally defined in some part by the Magnolia.  Whether you reference this to the movie, "Steel Magnolias", or the hardiness and resilience of the Magnolia itself, there is a certain strength you feel when you think of yourself as a Steel Magnolia.  As with the women in the film, a Steel Magnolia is a woman who shows grace under pressure and stress and may go through the hardest of times, yet comes out stronger than ever and makes it her ultimate goal to be a stronghold for those around her at the same time.  My heart is tied to this definition through how I have seen it in real life through the grandmothers and aunts and other women who I have been blessed to be around growing up, especially through their inspiring faith and strength despite losing children and loved ones, just like in the film.

If you have seen the film, maybe you have been inspired to be that type of woman, as I was when I first watched it.  November of this year will mark the 25th anniversary of "Steel Magnolias", 25 years since the film came out, based off of the play Robert Harling wrote as a result of the true story of his sister.  No matter where you're from, that film may hold part of your image of the South or you may relate to it.  It is to me a representation of many things that ring true about growing up here and that is why I connect to it, because it is nostalgic to me as mirroring so many of the women I have grown up having in my life, but most of all I get lost in the emotion of it.  I think it also just has some wonderful quotes, both meaningful and comical. These are some of my favorites...




and of course...

And how true this is...

...When I went to Arkansas last Summer and stood next to the largest Magnolia in Arkansas, I couldn't help but think as I stared up at it's magnificent beauty just how true that term "Steel Magnolia" must be, for that tree to have survived so much, for so long... the Civil War and who knows what else.  It was amazing to stand there and be thinking that.  How lovely to be surrounded by beautiful Magnolia blossoms that are models of the resilient strength and endurance we hope to embody.

Happy National Southern Belle day.

I hope your day was blessed!


  1. I'd never heard of National Southern Belle day before! Enjoyed your post! You almost make me want to be a Southerner--there's just something so sweet about the way you described it!

  2. LOVE!!!! Did I mention I LOVE this post, Jazzmin! Well, "bless your heart" for writing this, sweet friend *smiles*

    I enjoyed the pictures, the history, the quotes, everything. Thank you for the smiles, dear one. Have a happy weekend! Love to you!

  3. I just wanted to drop by and let y'all know that my blog domain has switched from Modesty Is My Policy to :) A lot of my readers have let me know that they are no longer seeing my posts, so I wanted to let everyone know!

    Blessings! ♥


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