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Summer 2014 Road Trip: Views From the Road

It has been about a month and a half since
we got back from our family vacation.  We drove all the way
to Colorado for the first time for our Summer trip this year!
I am forever captivated by the nostalgic coziness and joy of roadtrips...
 the fun and laughter along the way, the memories made over all those
 hours spent in the car, and the gorgeous scenery and new
 sights to take in. 

If I had to pick my favorite part of this road trip, I think it
would be that... taking in all of the new scenery and the land around us.
Flying in a plane is a neat view from above,
but after taking this trip, I realized all of the miraculous views that you
 miss when you're above that you don't get to truly see and appreciate
on a flight.  It was amazing getting to drive through places we had
 never set foot (or car) on before. 

I am so thankful to have gotten to take this trip, especially to
have gotten to drive together.  Anything that makes me feel like I have
gone back to the "American Dream" era is a joy, and loading up
your car, traveling as a family through different states, stopping to eat,
 admiring the views along the way made me feel just that.
I feel blessed to have had the chance to do that this Summer,
to be on top of the world with excitement.

 .          .          .

I am glad to get to begin sharing some of the photos
I took on our trip.  Taking a road trip and seeing the incredible views
on the journey to your destination will make you a believer in the saying that
half the fun- or more- is in getting there.  I love the joy of looking out
the window at lands you have not yet discovered and mentally
capturing them, scenes you will only see that exact way once.
That is so special.

Because that is such a cherished part of traveling to me,
I decided to start out with sharing my views from the road to
our destination.
I look forward to sharing the parts of our time there and the mountain views
and picturesque scenes I was blessed to be nestled in the middle of while
there, but because I took so many photos, I will be sharing them
in parts... starting with these :)

You can see the difference, as we got closer to Colorado and then entered Colorado,
in the geography, which was truly amazing to see.

If you ever cross the panhandle of Texas, be prepared for the flattest flatness that you 
have ever imagined  This photo is hilly compared to most of what
we saw, haha.  I find beauty in those flat
lands, though, because they are uniquely made to where you can stare
 out around you for miles, see farther before you than you can imagine,
 and admire the sea of prairie grasses waving under an open sky. 
And rising out of the plains and prairies for miles and miles in the
panhandle are these wind energy turbines.
We had never seen these in person before and it was like driving through
a futuristic world with these towering above us, thousands of them surrounding
us.  We could not even see to the end of them as they disappeared into
the horizon line.

Entering New Mexico!
I always love taking photographs of signs when we travel to capture the
exact moment that we enter a new state or a state or national park.
I held tight to my camera strap and opened the window and
took a photo (which became my go-to way to take photos from the 
backseat) of the "Welcome to New Mexico" sign as we drove into a
new state, and soon after, a new time zone.
It may seem strange, but it felt to me that once we entered New Mexico the
skies became clearer and bluer than before, stunningly beautiful overhead,
the start of the stereotypically gorgeous Western skies.

A beautiful mural we passed going through a small desert town.
I loved the pioneer mixed with western life feel that it had.

The views became gradually closer to what you might imagine the "West" looking
like, with beautiful flattened hills and mesas everywhere.

To see a picture like this in front of us felt like the epitome of what a western road 
trip view should be on the road.  I loved looking forward at the mesas in the
distance under such incredible skies.  I imagined the pioneers
and the freedom they must have felt to have crossed open land like this, 
thinking of what that scenery far in front of them might bring,
nothing around them but sky, sky, and more sky.

The misty mountain view in the distance at the entrance to Colorado.
I think the clouds got even more glorious here.

Of course, we had to get out and stand by the huge sign there.  We took some
photos as a family and I took some of the sign.

The miraculous sights we would drive through in Colorado
 made the mesas and hills of New Mexico seem so miniscule.
I can't describe the fairytale-like, small feeling of driving on a road straight into
the distance where a mountain or an entire range lies in front of you.
This was a feeling we would experience over and over again as we went on.

Oh, that cornflower blue color of the mountains with the sun on them.
So beautiful.

One of my most favorite views.
It was interesting to watch the mountains seem to get rockier
and taller as we drove.  Any view of the Rockies is amazing
and it was so humbling to look around and everywhere you turned
they were surrounding you, skying above everything else.

On a country road at the very end of our trip, before we arrived 
at our destination, we were going up a hill and I saw this and asked
 my Dad to stop.  I was so excited by the view of
 what looked to me like a white wave coming over the hill.
I opened the sunroof and we sat there for about a minute, taking photographs
as I just soaked in the glorious colors and the soft dimensions of these clouds.
  I've never seen a cloud scene quite like this that I remember
and I loved having the chance to capture it.
I thought this was a rare display of such beauty and was thankful to have
come upon it right at this moment when the clouds were at just the right place in 
the sky.  I contributed it to the fact that the high elevation makes for low clouds,
 the recipe for some of the most wonderful cloud views.
I don't see anything like this in the South.

Cascading hills in front of the Sangre De Cristos.

Road to the mountains.
On our first day in Colorado when we had reached our
destination, I felt so much joy and felt so refreshed and ecstatic to be
near the mountains again after two years.
I could not wait to get up closer and into the Sangre De Cristos, some of which
are Fourteeners, and smell the aroma of the pine needles and the

This is the last "view from the road" that was taken as we drove by a
farm nestled at the base of some mountains.  It came out so blurry, but
I wanted to include it anyway because there was something so very
picturesque and calming about the view of the cows, the pond, and the 
mountains in the background.

A few of the photographs in this first set I am sharing are a little bit
blurred as well, but I decided to put them in for the same reason, because I hope
they can convey at least a little of what they were like in person.

.          .           .

I hope you enjoyed my views from the road on the way to and in
Colorado!  I look forward to writing a post with the next part soon.
I don't think I realized how much time it takes to sort through somewhere 
between five and six hundred pictures, but I'm making some headway :)
...and enjoying revisiting the memories as I do.
I am also imagining how lovely it would be to be back in Colorado
right now as I look at them, as I know how glorious
the Autumn colors of the Aspens must be right now!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Enjoyed the photos from your trip! We have a lot of windmills here in Iowa, but the number of windmills in your photos is remarkable!

  2. I loved seeing your photos, my friend :) It brought back memories of the times my husband and me have traveled the other direction - to Texas - to visit my husband's family.

    You did a beautiful job capturing the beauty of our mountains and even though I live here in the Rockies I felt like I was seeing them from a different perspective. It was all so beautiful!

    Love to you, sweet friend!

  3. Oh Jazzmin!! Glorious, just glorious!
    Your excitement feel upon me as I read your beautiful post, and those photos...
    I love to hear of your joy when you travel together as a family, precious.
    This was a lovely visit here tonight, thank you for sharing with us.
    Sweet blessings to you, Debbie

  4. Hi There, Great pictures from your Road Trip this Summer. We travel by car most everywhere we go --and like that better than flying or going on a tour bus. We also love getting on the back roads --even though it takes a little longer.

    We love Colorado ---and want to go back again. There's so much to see there --and we have only been twice.

    My favorite photo of yours is the one showing all of the sunbeams. AWESOME.

  5. Hi Jazzmin, I am slowly making my way through your posts that I missed. These are lovely photos. I especially like the mural that you showed. I have a blog friend in Iowa and he and his wife did a mural in an old train station in their town welcome center. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I know the colors must be wonderful there and also I would like to visit Maine some time in Autumn. Have a good evening.


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