Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall Touches (and Lights!)

It has been Fall for awhile,
but we got a little bit of a late start in finishing all of our seasonal
decorating around the house.  We added some new "pieces of Autumn"
to our decorations collection for this season and kept adding to
it, but now we have everything up and the warm colors of Fall are
finally all around us in our home.

It is such a wonderful feeling to now have the feeling
of the season being here be both inside and outside!
Out front, our door is decorated with my Fall colors sunflower
wreath, which is also a summer wreath and can be used for both seasons,
 which you can see how I made here, and the Fall welcome sign
I made that you can see here, and two large pumpkins on either side
of our door along with adjacent mums (which are unfortunately starting to
 die now that we are getting freezing temperatures so early in the season).
At the front of the path to our door is something we picked up at a yard
sale over the summer for next to nothing- a big scarecrow that adds so
 much color and cheer to our outdoor decorations- along with another
large pumpkin next to him.

As for inside...
If you have been following my blog for awhile, you probably know
that our main decorating inside for the seasons is devoted
to our fireplace mantel.  We love decorating the mantel and I
know I enjoy beautifying this area of our home most because it is
the heart, the warmest and coziest place with the fire going in
Winter and the window next to it letting the rain be seen or the
dreamy light shine in during the overcast days.
I think I feel like this every year, but this year's Autumn decorations
for the mantel are my favorite that we have ever had.
And the reason?


Oh the loveliness of decorating with lights.  I think they make
 everything feel so much prettier and more magical, cozier, 
and more festive :)
My parents had the idea to add red lights and intertwine them in our
garland on the mantel and then bring them down into the decorations
on the hearth.  I love how they shine through the old Oil lamp
especially and glow under the burlap that is snaking in between the
hearth decor.

Aside from the lights, my other two favorite things are the pumpkins-
I love decorating with pieces of nature!  Especially pumpkins because harvest
is what this season is all about :)
-and these glittery leaves!  It is probably silly how excited I was about
these glittery leaves.  The brown, green, and orange leaves are some we
already had from last year, but the gold and burgundy are new.  I think I 
stared at them and picked them up admiring their glittery, shiny
beauty a few too many times before putting them up.
If anyone needs these as much as I did, they're from Hobby
Lobby, haha.

These leaves were also exciting to get because having five altogether
gave me the idea to hang them from our garland, which I love.

Our fireplace brings so much joy at the sheer loveliness of what
it feels like to sit and relax and have a cup of hot chocolate while
the fire is on and the lights in the garland gleam from beneath
the leaves, and especially when it is late at night and the lights are
especially vivid and beautiful.
I love most when it is after dark and all the lights are off and all
you can see when you look at the fireplace are the string lights
and their red glimmer outlining the fireplace.

That is the way Fall looks in our home right now.
Each year our garland is the same and makes the mantel
feel similar to the way it did last Fall, but it's so much fun
to pick out or bring out new and different decorations to adorn
the rest of the fireplace and the hearth ♥

I'm so thankful for the simple joy of 
having gotten to decorate it together and to have such a homey
 place to be on these chilly nights, enjoying the rich Fall colors
that we have brought inside, especially since it has
been so wonderfully cold lately :)

How did you decorate your home for Fall?


Have a blessed day!

.          .          .

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  1. The decorations look lovely, Jazzmin! You did a beautiful job of conveying the aura of the season!

  2. Oh! It is lovely!
    Perfectly lovely and charming and cozy!
    I imagine you do indeed enjoy cozy evenings gathered there. : )
    Have a blessed, cozy day!

  3. Hello my dear! Your Autumn decor is so warm and beautiful! The lights really add a nice Fall look to your mantel :)

    Blessings to you, friend! Hugs!

  4. I love your lights! I agree with you, lights just make the room not only beautiful but cozy with a warm glow.
    I have the clear lights with garland on to of our huge entertainment and I love to turn the lights off at night and leave only those on with the fire burning. In fact, that is exactly what I am doing now.
    My visits are always enjoyable here, Jazzmin. :-)
    Sweet blessings to you, Debbie

  5. Goodness ~ I missed some words, maybe I'm too relaxed.lol
    On top of my entertainment center.

  6. Hey there Jazzmin,
    It was fun getting to see all of your beautiful fall decorations! Everything is so pretty - inspirational even. I use so much burgundy that fall colors can be a little challenging to work in our house, but pretty easy at Christmas. But you have motivated me to try harder. :) Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Your decorations are both beautiful and cozy! I also like the addition of the lights :) Thank you for sharing this home inspiration on the Art of Home-Making Mondays and may you enjoy beautiful fellowship this weekend!


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