Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Feelin' Wintery: Thrifty Finds and Sweet Treats

It is already almost Wednesday!?
Well, technically it is Tuesday, but it's Tuesday night so it is almost
Wednesday ;)  It feels like the week just began.

I hope your weekend, even if it was a couple of days ago,
 was a blessed one.  Ours was full, both of work and fun, and 
was lovely.  This weekend had a wonderful feel in that it
 felt like a Winter weekend... or at least a Winter-inspired weekend. 
 A few things made me feel that way...

I love a good find and the feeling of finding something that
you love, being so excited that you are the one who gets to take it home.
The resale shop in our town has so many neat finds and
we brought home a few things on Saturday that I was especially
excited about.

The few things I picked up were this mug, this penguin (which is so
fun as you'll see below!), and some beautiful Winter
greeting cards that I didn't photograph... but are they beautiful!
They are a lovely, icy blue with a design of a lake at Wintertime
and the snowy banks surrounding it with a deer and tall
trees brushed with glitter, all of which look like a scene from what
 reminds me of a hidden away place you might find in Alaska.

I knew this mug was going to come home with me the moment
I saw it.  I can't wait to drink from it, what I think may be
 the coziest mug I can imagine drinking hot chocolate
 from as I'm snuggled under a blanket by the fire come Winter.
Just looking at that little snowman, it's hard not to feel happy.
It's a really large mug, also, so it will fit looooots of hot chocolate!

And now for the find I was most excited about!
As someone who loves baking and is head over heels for
Winter baking especially and all of the sweet and homey
nostalgia that comes with it, I was pleasantly surprised to open this
 little penguin and find that he was full of none other than cute
and festively decorated measuring cups!!
I had been looking for pretty measuring cups for awhile and
was so delighted to find this. I love him and am already
imagining myself using the cups to make a pie or other desserts
during the week of Thanksgiving!
And best of all... he was only a dollar fifty.  I love 
bargain hunting.

He is now happily chillin' (no pun intended, since he IS a penguin)
next to one of my favorite gifts from last year, the
gingerbread house cookie jar ♥

...So I already felt the Winter spirit this weekend in being in the
resale shop, getting to take these fun finds home, and thinking
about all the cozy, exciting moments ahead in the coming season...
and one other thing about our weekend complemented that
very well: making and eating chocolate-peppermint pretzels.

Mmmm.  The delicious delight and refreshing flavor
of peppermint and chocolate together, and all over a pretzel.
Peppermint flavored anything always puts me in a Winter mood.
We had so much fun in the kitchen making them, also.
But probably more fun eating them... although I tried to use willpower
to not eat every one in sight since I do still try to watch my sugar.
That's a hard battle to win when these are in front of you, though.

And now that it is really starting to get cold (Yay!)
it feels so nice to light candles and take in all of their wonderful
aromas like we did this weekend... like "Warm Apple Pie" and
 "Thanksgiving".  That makes me feel like it is Winter, too, but then my
 nose reminds me that I'm smelling Fall scents and not yet
 "Christmas Cookie" or the candles we look forward to burning for 

Until then, it has been wonderful to get to soak up the perfection of this
glorious Fall season in ever-changing nature around us and in the
house through decorating and other simple joys.

.            .           .

As it is November 11th, I would like to take a moment to write
 something different that is very important.  I would just like to 
express heartfelt thankfulness to all those who, in serving, have given the
 ultimate sacrifice and those who are here still today who sacrificed
 so much and who wore bravery and courage to fight for the freedom
 of all of us, those who gave up their own freedoms for years at a time
to protect the safety and rights of you and I- Veterans.
God bless them.

.          .           .

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Jazzmin dear, I really like all of your special finds at the resale shop! That penguin is especially adorable...who would have thought that he housed measuring cups...and such sweet ones, at that! Our temps are to start feeling more seasonal starting today. Yesterday was in the 70's, but tomorrow the highs are to be only in the 30's...with snow promised for Sunday/Monday. Want to come for a visit? :-) Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

  2. That penguin!
    I adore him...and the measuring cups inside?!
    I always enjoy my visits here...so cozy and warm.
    I am loving this time of year right with you.
    We are still burning our fall candles, but I am getting anxious to pull out the Christmas ones!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. The chocolate-covered peppermint pretzels look delicious! You certainly made some great finds at the resale shop...and hot cocoa by a warm fire sounds so very comforting! You mentioned you also bought greeting cards; they are among my favorite things to shop for at thrift stores!

  4. Good evening, my friend! Your items are simply delightful! THe penguin is just too cute and those measuring cups are perfect for winter and Christmas :)

    Speaking of winter, it's been snowing here all day and it's supposed to snow tomorrow as well. As I write this I am sitting by the warm, cozy fire and waiting for the coffee to finish brewing - I love it!

    Enjoy the remainder of your week, sweet Jazzmin! Hugs to you!

  5. Oh, I love the finds! Penguins are my favorite, and great little nesting cups!

  6. That penguin is so fun! I absolutely love those measuring cups. I'm sure they will be really fun to use! :) I am a mug collector, and that mug is super fun!!


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