Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Let the Rain Sing You a Lullaby"

"Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby."
-Langston Hughes

Oh, the indescribably wonderful feeling of having it rain nonstop for the last nearly two days.  I cannot remember a time that it has let up and it is such a blessing, adding so much joy to the days and making me hope and wish and pray that it does not subside.  I love it so very much.  Above is a scene so peaceful that has a pure quietness to it just looking at it, don't you think?  It is my idea of the most perfectly lovely day and describes how I feel as I have listened to the rain kissing our roof with each drop and seen it tap and then slide down the windows or ripple in puddles on the ground outside.

And so begins the rainy, cool, crisp, magnificent Autumn weather.  I am completely taken, my mind and soul refreshed, by both the light and heavy drops of rain that grace the land around me and all that is near me... my window pane, our porch, our flowers, and the pumpkins out front.  You may be able to tell from how many times I have written of rainy days that I am enamored of rain and any day that it rains I feel completed by the coziness in the air, what some might think dreary, but to me is purely heaven.

...And I must say that of all of the delightful words used by Hughes, I believe his last description is most accurate for me, because I do indeed feel that the rain sings a lullaby to me as I soak up its glorious sounds.

I am so thankful for this weather, what feels like the official start of the chilly weather to come. Excitement!

Rainy day blessings to you!


  1. Rainy days do make for a cozy feeling inside as the raindrops slither down the window panes. Time for nice cups of tea, and a good book along with soft lighting! Lovely post, Jazzmin dear.

  2. Your description sounds so peaceful! I do enjoy listening to the rain as I try to sleep; otherwise I generally prefer sunshine (or a good strong summer storm with lightning flashing, thunder crashing, and rain sweeping in sheets)!

  3. We got that steady rain here yesterday too--but today was sunny, windy and quite warm. Tomorrow --it will be sunny but much cooler...

    I love rain also---especially the kind which just continues all day long and is light.... SO peaceful... Always makes me want to sit down and read a good book.



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