Friday, December 19, 2014

Faithful Friday: In His Arms


When I am saddened, tired out, look around at suffering that pains me to see, or just have unrest or worry in my heart, and every other moment of the day... I am so thankful to be this lamb.

Any picture of Jesus brings content and overwhelming peace to my soul, but this is perhaps the absolute most beautiful to me.  I gaze at it, or even just think of it, and I become that sweet little lamb as I bask in the cherished comfort that I feel to have the Lord by my side.  To feel embraced, loved, and cared for, knowing He cares for you and I.  I become that lamb and never want to leave that embrace, wanting to stay in what is the most warm and perfect place I can imagine.  I look at it and am somewhat reminded of a song played at the service for someone dear to me who passed away, called "In the Arms of the Angels", a song that I remember feeling peaceful when listening to... much like I do this picture.

As it is a time in this season when the minds of so many are set upon God and the great sacrifice of Jesus for us, I wanted to share this painting because of what it means to me.  I am a lover of art and many painters come to mind, as well as favorite pieces, but this beautiful painting, whose creator I don't even know the name of, far surpasses those other paintings when it comes to the way I feel when I look at it.

This painting evokes feelings of comfort and indescribably bursting joy, reflecting the greatest love that exists... the love of God and Jesus for us.  It also is a reminder to me at even a glance of all of the qualities of our Savior that I am so thankful for that I don't know how to express it...

Love, justice, peace, forgiveness, patience, mercy.

We may be going through something so difficult, or are feeling the pain of watching others go through immense trials, but recognizing these and so many more qualities of the immaculate character of our Savior should remind us that we are never alone.   God's love and mercy is always upon us.  Let us remember how blessed we are that through all our days, whether they are pleasant or hard, we have open arms to run into to feel that warm embrace enveloping our being.  We are that little lamb in the arms of a loving Savior.

Happy Friday!!

I hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. Beautiful and comforting post, Jazzmin! Psalm 23 (The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want) is one I recite to myself just about every night; it's wonderful to have a God who cares so much about us.

  2. Oh Jazzmin, thus was just beautiful.
    As you spoke from your heart I could feel exactly what you said. So very true, our loving Savior holding us in His arms, can't you just feel the comfort? What a picture!
    You have such a sweet heart.
    Much love to you, Debbie

  3. This post filled my heart with joy as I read it, the picture just melted my heart it is very beautiful. Your words are so true we are the little lambs in need of his love and protection, He who receives us with open arms.

    Hope you had a wonderful day.


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