Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lord Byron Said it Well

When I sit down to write a letter or a card, I have a feeling that is unlike writing anything else.... not a book, in my journal, or anyplace else.  I love writing letters and sending cards because it is a way of connecting with those I miss and love that has a nostalgic, days-of-old, sentimental wonder.  The fact that letters are still written is a sign, which brings peace and happiness to my old-soul, that not all the charm of days past are gone in this world.
Just feeling that card or crisp piece of paper in my hands as I fold it up and place it in an envelope, to run my hand over a stiff envelope after it's all sealed, and feeling the texture of a card as I admire the glorious scene emblazoned on it, is one of those simple, unequivocally delightful things that brings a smile to my face.

As far as the serenity and loveliness that is found in writing someone, I think Lord Byron said it well:

"Letter writing is the only device for
combining solitude with good

I look forward to spending quiet moments out of my days to come this Winter doing so more often.
Such a relaxing joy it is to sit down, as I have done in spare moments lately, to write to others.   It has made my soul happy, as these things have, also...

•Drinking tea (a little change from my usual hot chocolate☻) while writing letters
•Gazing dreamily at the snow globe on the shelf with the Kinkade-like scene
•Falling asleep in front of the glowing fire
•Being free from school very soon to delve into things I've missed doing
•Opening a package with a beautiful handmade gift from a friend who is more of a blessing
 than she knows

The last one reminds me of what a treasure it is not only to have friends who bless your heart with thoughtfulness, but of what cheerfulness it brings to open a letter or package.  Is that not just one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, to know someone cares about you so much to send a personal note of love or encouragement in the mail?  I love receiving mail, but even more so I love sending mail- keeping it mind that it is better to give than to receive.  

Thinking about this, I wanted to share with you a way to give through a personal letter to individuals who perhaps need encouragement more than most right now.  Recently, I was inspired to look into sending letters to soldiers, to up-build them and just let them know a complete stranger is thinking of them and wishing them well, especially in a time when it is probably extra difficult to be away from their home with the holidays coming.  Although I am still looking for a way to send a hand-written, paper letter (there are several organizations to write through), I thought I would share one way that I have started out with.  It is through the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.  You can click the link to write you own letter to the soldiers who are overseas right now and who will be this Winter and will not get to make it home to be with their families.  You can even write several letters and pour out
warm and comforting thoughts.  You never know what something you say will mean for
a soldier who is homesick and reads your loving words.
  The letter you write will be printed out and placed in one of the packages that is sent
 to them and they will get to read your encouraging words!

Wishing y'all a blessed day!


  1. What a great idea about writing letters to soldiers!

    Snail mail is becoming a lost art. I hope it is revived, because I love getting cards in the mail. I do try to send cards now and then but I need to work on doing it more frequently.

  2. Jazzmin,

    Such a special post! I too love receiving mail.


  3. A delightful post, my sweet friend :) I love the idea about writing to soldiers and will look into that after I am done writing this comment.

    I love the quote said by Lord Byron and find the words to be quite true :)

    Thank you for the little message on Pinterest. Thinking of you. Love and hugs!

  4. Very nice post, Jazzmin! I collect greeting cards at thrift stores and wherever I can find pretty ones and later send them to friends. Old fashioned mail is so sweet to send and receive!

  5. What a nice post..I am still one who sends Christmas Cards --although many of my friends/family don't do it any longer. I also love getting hand-written mail --and appreciate that someone has taken time to write it to ME... That is special...

    AND--we all do need to remember our military, especially this time of year.

    Thanks for a great post and reminder.

  6. Great post! Beautiful thoughts Jazzmin, writing letters is always a nice thing to do, sending warm loving thoughts to others is always special, the person ends up feeling special too :) it is a mutual wonderful feeling, you can always cheer up a person by this.

    Thank you for the follow it truly means a lot to me :) Hope you are having a fantastic day.



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