Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Cheer

I hope your Tuesday has been a wonderful one so far :)

It has been a relaxing, enjoyable day here and I am soaking in the 
beautiful reality of what it is to feel so free and light... elated.
  Isn't that the most wonderful feeling... to know that you have time
 to do whatever your heart pleases!
I feel so blessed as I think about all of the joy inside me at the fact that
 I get to wake up everyday for awhile and dream, think, write,
 create, and enjoy each day like I love to ♥

This week has been my first full week doing just that.
I love wrapping myself in Winter and all that it means... staying
home or going out with my family, simple and meaningful things,
and taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of this amazing season,
just some of the things that bring me cheer in my heart.


Picking out books at the library, taking in the sheer delight
of delving into new stories and tales that I have been eyeing each time 
we go- and now I have time to read!

Jewelry-making, sewing, embroidering, and creating loveliness
with my hands.  The happiness this brings my soul is immeasurable.
It has been so fun to get excited about the projects I am going
to work on as I bring home new patterns, pearls, and more.
I am beaming with anxious excitement to setup a new sewing room/
space together this coming week!!  I am dreaming of sitting in front
of the window, light flooding in as we create and enjoy time

Simply enjoying waking up each day to Winter cheer all around,
even in something like this perfect snowy scene on the
calendar in my room.  I can't help but imagine that I am inside
that painting, as I do with all Winter paintings because
their cozy, blue cast and soft snowy brushstrokes make me feel as if
 I'm drinking hot chocolate or on a sleigh ride just looking at them.

Nostalgic, old-world things I am surrounded by.
The aroma of this candle is heavenly, a snowy fresh, peppermint
scent.  Even more than the scent and the fact that it
is a mason jar candle, I love the vintage stamp on the lid. 
And of course, sipping whip-cream laden hot chocolate is
pretty wonderful, too.

"Sprinklings of Winter" around our home.
Some of the smallest parts of our decorations are my favorite because
we get to use them the most, like these poinsettia potholders we
got this year and place-mats with a snowman and cardinal that
make me smile with their cheer and primitive, country feel.
My other favorites are probably the old-fashioned tins that line our
hearth, adorned with paintings of winter scenes.

Baking love and memories this time of year...
because I think baking in Winter is more about that than anything.
Oh, how I get lost in the overwhelmingly perfect wonder of 
making delicious treats and trying recipes from our old cookbooks.
I'm so thankful I have been raised in a family where being in the 
kitchen together is a priceless part of everyday life and sweeter
than ever during this season.

•     •     •

These are just a few things that bring me the greatest cheer
this time of year that I am so grateful to be captivated with recently.
Even the simplest of things bring such a festive, ecstatic, 
childlike joy.
A mainstream of all these aspects of the happiness inside me
is creativity.  I am SO thankful for the time and the cozy Winter
days to create and let my mind wander into new 
and lovely places... creating... in everything 
from memories to sugar cookies ;)

And speaking of creating, I love designing and using
color and had so much fun re-decorating my blog 
for the season- and adding a blog "footer" at the bottom!
My header is inspired by things that are close to my heart
that exude seasonal beauty to me... cardinals, poinsettias, and
Southern plantations and homes, which the beautiful painting
reminded me of so much.
  I hope the new design brings as much
cheer and delight to you while you're visiting my blog
as it did to me when I was redoing it.

Blessings, friends!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. You did a nice job redecorating your blog...and you're making me thirsty for hot chocolate! :) The footer is a neat idea--love the postmark!

  2. Dear Jazzmin,
    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this visit with you here tonight!
    Everything you shared about your love of winter and the season warmed my heart.
    I am so happy for you to be able to be enjoying all these wonderful things!
    We will be baking this Saturday!
    So far we have decidd on chocolate chip, m&m's, chocolate crinkle, peanut blossoms, amd snickerdoodle!
    Oh, and it looks lovely indeed around here!
    Have a cozy evening!

  3. Jazzmin,

    So happy to hear you have some time to enjoy this season! My mom and I mailed out the last of our Christmas orders yesterday, and after spending the last couple weeks sewing late each night I feel so free! : ) I too love the cozy nostalgic feel of Christmas. I plan to spend the day baking, writing out Christmas cards and rocking my baby by the tree. Your blog design is lovely! So cheerful and festive.

    May you have a very blessed and relaxing day!


  4. What a charming post, my friend! I just finished off a cup of hot cocoa complete with marshmallows - it's like we were enjoying a hot drink together :)

    May I just say that I LOVE your blog design! It's so warm, inviting, and festive for the Christmas season. Enjoy your reading and time with family. And may you have a most joyous Christmas!

    Love and hugs to you!!

  5. Jazzmin, this was a beautiful, heart warming post. You delight in many wonderful things through the holiday season, just beautiful.
    What a lovely Christmas tree, and those large windows, breath taking!
    Enjoy the free time you have as you rest in the Lord and His wonders.
    Your baking will be sheer joy!
    Merry Christmas!


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