Sunday, January 25, 2015

Faithful Friday: Taste & See

This is one of my favorite verses.
I think I have about a thousand "one of my favorite verses", but this one
is near the top if I had to choose.  I love these words, the glory they bring to God as
we think on them and taste the words themselves in our hearts.... pondering
the Lord's goodness...
realizing the extremely amazing gift of living according to God's

What a verse this is to speak to our hearts the meaning of
taking shelter and refuge in Him.
My favorite part of this scripture is the first because I love that
it tells us to "taste and see that the Lord is GOOD."
It doesn't say that if we taste life in Him, we will find that He
is sometimes good, or sometimes faithful, or good most of the time.
It says that He is good, plain in simple.
This photo was beautiful to me when combined with this
psalm because when we think of taste, the first thing that 
comes to mind is likely tasting a decadent food we enjoy,
like this lovely pie.  When you taste a spoonful of your favorite
pie or dessert, you know it is good.  The Lord is just the same.

To taste and see the Lord and living a life according to His
ways and for His glory is to see that He is always good.
We will find nothing but good when we do.

That is truly something to rejoice over!

.          .          .

I hope you have had a lovely weekend so far :)

Hugs & blessings!


  1. I like that the verse says "taste and see". Sometimes things can taste good, but our eyes tell us it's rotten, or poisonous. This verse tells us we can both taste AND see that the Lord is good

  2. What a precious post, Jazzmin dear. This verse is also among "one of my favorite verses". He truly is good!

  3. Amen! That is a wonderful verse! God is good all the time!

  4. Beautiful verse and such inspiring words, they bring such a joy to my heart, thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. Hope you are also having a blessed week.


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