Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015! ...A Word and My Year's End

Happy New Year to you!!!

I hope your end of the year was wonderful, 
spent with family and loved ones cherishing these joyful
days of Winter... full of warm, sweet memories being made,
good home-cooked food, and blessings to be thankful for.

Isn't a new year so exciting?!
I hope your 2015 is off to a great start! :)
  I love the feeling of new adventures and new beginnings,
as well as anticipating what is to come.  I get most excited I
think at the wonderment of what God has planned this new year.
May I also say it is lovely to be back on my blog.

.           .           .

I think rather than "resolutions", this year I have hopes in
mind for 2015 to make this gift of life each day this year
 better than the year before :)
These are: to pray more incessantly, focus on growing in my relationship
with the Lord & glorifying Him in what I do and in what I'm called to,
to make more time for something I love so much but don't always
feel like I have time for... reading, and getting beautifully
lost in the books waiting for me on my shelves.

As the new year begins, it is also exciting to choose a new word
for 2015.
But my word for this wonderful new year is actually six words.
I decided that this year I would live by the message that has become
closer to my heart than ever in these past few months, John 3:30.
I commit myself to living by this verse, which tells us that
we should "become less" and "He must become greater",
because of how passionately thankful I am for the Savior and for
God's presence in my life and in my heart...
I am so in love with this verse because I see that there is
no way to live that comes close to living with God at the forefront
of everything.  Living this verse is the greatest way I see to reach
my goal of falling even more deeply into God, to please Him, to think
of what He thinks of me above what others think, and to
put full trust in HIS plan and HIS will for my dreams and future.


As much joyful anticipation there is in welcoming
a new year, it also makes me so full of warm happiness
to be able to look back on the year behind me.  Part of that,
ever since I've been choosing a word to live by, has included
thinking of how trying to live by that word in all areas of my
 life has effected the year.

My word for 2014 was...
It is amazing to look back on the year that has gone
and see how I focused on and lived by that word.
Overall, I believe that each lovely moment spent in blissful simplicity
 admiring the sweetness in each day, nature, and everything beautiful
reminded me to truly savor all that was around me and all I had
 (and HAVE) to be thankful for.
However, two things that are extremely different from my
year were the greatest lessons in savoring of all...

The first calls to memory the most glorious views I saw all year,
the time I spent on the prairies and in the mountains of Colorado
(where I took the photo above) among the tall Pines Aspen, hearing
 the trickling and rushing of cold mountain streams.  On that trip,
 I gazed at the incredible beauty around us
and being up there I had the greatest opportunity I could imagine
 to savor each element of the nature, the creation, around me.
It reminded me of the importance of savoring the "sights" of life...
whether they are a Rocky Mountain
view or the smiles of your loved ones around the table during a
Sunday supper.
The second was losing my Aunt Betty.  That entire hot August
week of going to see her, then going back after she passed away
was the saddest and most difficult week of the year.
But with our whole family together, missing her together and
comforting one another, along with feeling the great loss and the
absence of such a strong, beautiful person that she was,
I spent the week constantly thinking about how little time
we have in this life and what a treasure each moment we spend
in a hug or in conversation with our loved ones, each precious
little thing that we may otherwise take for-granted.
It seems like it takes something like that to happen in order to be so
stirringly reminded of the important things.
I think that on the other side of the deep pain of loss and the
 feelings of denial and disbelief we felt standing in that church
and during the memorial service, the
positive that God gives us is awakening us to those things.  And they,
in turn, seem to give us a greater drive for life, to live it in such a way
that would make those we have lost proud, teaching us to savor.

Both of these short, but so meaningful, parts out of the long year fueled
realization for me of the preciousness of each moment.


The last of 2014 was such a wonderful last week of the year,
 simply cozy and full of things I loved.

Going to look at lights together as we have since I can remember.
It is special to me.  These were a few of my favorites that we
passed on that cheery night as we drove around with hot-chocolate,
our windows open.

I also took a short video of a couple of light "shows" I thought
were especially neat :)

It has been so fun to enjoy everything from baking and crafting, to 
watching classic movies, to going out to the theater, out to eat
together, and spending lovely days inside (especially rainy, chilly

days made of pure coziness).
Going to lunch as a family at my favorite restaurant.
We had the best seat in the house, by the nice, crackling fire.  

Adding some last minute decorations and enjoying their cheery colors with
snowmen and...

...vintage tins...

And best of all, the homey, dreamlike lights on above
the mantle.  My favorite time to enjoy them was with all the lights
off except for those, nothing visible but their mesmerizing glimmer.

The start of year brought with it more cheer
with fireworks, cold, drizzly weather, and a cozy night in.

Wishing you a wonderful 2015!

I am so blessed to have had you read my humble
blog in 2014 and am excited to have each of you as sweet blog
 friends this new year as I read your always kind comments
and your lovely blogs :)

May 2015 be your most blessed year yet!


  1. Hello Jazzmin dear,

    I so enjoyed reading here this evening. What a lovely post you've done as you've shared your heart about how you were able to see your word "savor" from 2014 being woven throughout your year. That is so precious. I wish I'd known your Aunt Betty. She sounds like such a wonderful person.

    I also enjoyed the six words that you've shared for 2015. Thank you for sharing why it is that those are the words you want to see woven through your life this year.

    Your picture of the prairie is absolutely beautiful...and I really liked the Christmas pictures you've shared as well. I trust that you will enjoy this new year to the fullest.

    Hugs and prayers,

  2. Happy New Year, Jazzmin!
    Such a lovely post to start off a brand new year.
    I always enjoy my visits here. : )

  3. Lovely selection of photos. Have a very happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! Beautiful words and such a great post, lovely photos :) it is always exciting to start a brand new year.

  5. Jazzmin, I totally love your verse for 2015! It should be every believer's goal to have more of Him and less of me! My word for 2015 is intentional and I thought of how the two could go together - I want to be intentional about making more of Him and less of me.

    I've enjoyed visiting today - such beauty in your whole post. I was amused to see that the candlestick your snowman is perched on is the exact twin to one I have. I'll think of you whenever my eye falls on it.

  6. Happy day to you, sweet friend! A new year, a fresh start, beautiful beginnings... :) I am thankful for the last couple of years of knowing you, my dear, and I am looking forward to another year of your sweet friendship.

    Your post was simply lovely. I enjoyed your words, your photos, and your videos. 'Carol of the Bell' is one of my favorite Christmas songs so I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video of the lights with the song - how stunning!

    May you have a blessed weekend. Love and hugs to you!


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