Saturday, February 28, 2015

Faithful Friday: Katie Davis

Sometimes I read something and even before I am finished, I just think
to myself, Wow, that makes so much sense!

Katie Davis is someone I have heard a lot about and I have yet
to read her book, Kisses From Katie, but badly want to.
This is the first time I had seen this quote from her and I felt
such a connection to it... like this is the definition of what it is
to have a love for God greater than love for yourself.

And my thoughts were turned upside down here, I must admit...
I had never thought of fear of illness or tragedy in this respect.
How TRUE that being the victim of an illness or tragedy
that might come is nothing to fear compared to living
a life that doesn't include God... or a life that fits
in with the common view that taking care of yourself
is more important than taking care of others and serving them
or serving the Lord.

Beautiful words that spoke to my heart and mind♥
I am thankful for the perspective I took from reading them.

Have a blessed weekend!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Vintage Treasure Trove

I am always a fan of cold weather,
and today it got down to 30 degrees!
I was so excited to have a day that felt so Wintery.
As I have probably mentioned too many times to count, our weather
in the South is temperamental to say the least.  It is unpredictable
pretty much all year 'round... except Summer.  In Summer, you
can bet the farm that it will be the temperature of the sun ;)
But Winter here is perhaps especially strange when it comes to weather.
This weekend we were commenting on how warm it was and
had to shed all jackets, while this week so far has been freezing or
close to it.

Today, I was thinking about that and about how warm and Spring-like
it was just the weekend before last when we went 
to what I equate to being like a piece of heaven, a town in the hills
not far away where I could spend every day near the mirror-
like water.  I love going there so much.
The last time I had been was in January with one of my best
friends.  We had so much fun and it was so cold that our feet started
to feel like they were freezing through our boots.  This time,
a little over a month later, it felt almost hot.  

It was an absolutely beautiful day in this town I love
so much, a day perfect for enjoying the Southern breezes and a 
stroll by the river's edge- even in Winter.

If you've been reading my blog long, you know how much I am amazed
by the majestic, fairy-tale like beauty of trees.  This is one of the greatest places
for seeing amazing trees I can think of that I have ever been.
They are straight from an enchanted forest, so tall, wide, and truly grand,
Cypress and Oak mostly.  I always wonder just how old they are.
How magnificent it is to not only see them, but their reflections in the
glassy water.

This is my favorite vintage shop.
I could spend hours inside it.  We went to browse through the
back room full of vintage clothes, purses, and shoes.   It is like a treasure-chest
of wonderful things.  The outside of this place is beautiful, as well,
and is so Southern with its old, red screen-door and porch swing.
I overheard the shop owner telling someone it used to be someone's house.
How lovely it must have been to live here, if only for using the porch swing :)

And inside it is decorated just like a home from days
gone by... old photographs scattered on antique dressers, closets full
of vintage clothes for sale, bookshelves with old trinkets, and even this
beautiful bed.

I have a great love for all things weddings
and my favorite find when we went was this wedding dress.
Oh how I wanted this to come home with me to keep as a vintage treasure.
Ahh, the fabric and beading and the memories surely tied to this beautiful
dress.  And the forties and fifties hats were so lovely, too.

The enigmatic beauty and elegance of each photo staring back
at me on this piano was so neat to take in as I stared at each one.

And this sewing machine!

And here is the vintage room...
a portal to the past that was beyond amazing to look through.
What a dream to think of staying in this incredible room- which is three
 times the size of what is picture- and getting to try on everything.

What a fun day we had!

We went down by the creek right before we left and all I could
think about was how I can't wait to come back in the warmer
months and sit with my feet in that water, listening to the little falls...
at which time I'm sure I will also make another trip
to the vintage shop.  Hopefully we will go back sooner 
than that, though.


Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Faithful Friday: Live Each Day For God

"Don't fret about tomorrow or
 live in yesterday.  Concern 
yourself with current 
things and do your best
Tomorrow lies beyond the stars,
beyond the sleeping sun,
and yesterday lies in the past
and cannot be
Live life in the present tense
and wisely spend your 
time, for time is such a 
precious thing you
dare not waste any
Set your sights on a worthy
goal and choose the path 
you'll trod.
Your tomorrows will be
brighter when you live each
day for God."

...Only in God will you find true happiness.
This is a simple enough message, but in faith and living a life
of meaning, to me this is THE message...
the difference between a life of mediocre joy and living so-so and a life
of glorious joy, fulfillment, and love and passion for something real,
and for someONE who loves you more than anyone else.
The above poem came relates to the message found in that
expression and comes from a source special to my heart.

Reading through it is beautifully reminding me
of what I forget so easily...
Number one:  that living each day for God
is the only way I ever want to live, the
only way to live.
And also that our faith is so much deeper
and stronger when we live for the moment that God
has us in now, the situation or circumstances God has
us in right now.  He doesn't want
us to live in the past focusing on what we could have done better
or on our sins and he doesn't want us focusing on the future
and thinking of what we don't have now that we hope to have
then.  Instead, living each day for God
involves living each day with a focus on the now...
the blessings God is bringing you now, the hope
he has put into you now, and the ways we can
glorify him

Finally, I love the way this poem leaves me...
"Your tomorrows will be brighter when
you live each day for God."
To think of waking up each day with no awareness
of God, no God to love and forgive us, no God
to give our menial lives meaning and fullness...
I can't imagine.
Those last words are humbling and hopeful
at the same time, giving me visions of sunshine
starting each day, only because I can live for Him each day.

I'm thankful for this beautiful poem.
It is something special to me
that I hope to commit to memory.

Blessings to you!!

Happy Friday & may your
weekend be lovely!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Good Morning!

I am a night owl.  I always have been.  It is almost 2 a.m. in
my tiny corner of the world and I am finally tired.  A long day has gone
by and it has been a blessed day, but has also been full of being glued
to my computer writing, planning, and studying.  And I'm finished for now. :)
But I didn't get a chance today to write any of my thoughts to share
for Faithful Friday... so until next Friday when I can write something close
and meaningful to share, I leave you with a sunrise.

It may be late at night, but the morning is already on my mind.
And with it, I am thinking of sunrises like this, glorious glowing sunrises
beaming and blushing in every direction,
and the promises of a new day that they evoke.
And words to start a new day
that are a blessing to be reminded of
all the time...

"Don't start your day with the
broken pieces of yesterday.
Every morning we wake up is the
first day of the rest of our life."

With every new day that rises up with the sun
is a million new chances for joy and hope rising
up right along with it...
for new dreams and inspirations and beginnings.

Good morning!

I hope your Saturday is beautiful!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015







Sometimes we love and daydream about things that seem
inherently a part of us, things that we can't stop thinking about.
For me, one of those things is the simple beauty
I dream of everyday as I imagine what it would be like to live on a
rolling prairie, the high grasses leaning and shimmering the wind, a flowing
creek running nearby that I read by and run around in barefoot during
Summer, and the whole world wrapped up in one huge sky above, no
end to the prairie or the petite white flowers dotting it in sight.  
That isn't the only place I dream of living.  I love the land
and God's creation so much that nearly every realm of it fascinates
me and is the stuff of my dreams and daydreams, but I do have such
a great love for that type of country living. That love is
partly inspired by the joy I have in getting lost in that type of place
in the eloquent pages of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books.

Although I am just getting a chance to write here about it,
this past weekend was Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday, what would
have been her 148th.
She lived to be 90 years old, but I wish she would have lived much
longer so I could have met her. Realizing it was her birthday
the other day made me think about just how much she has influenced
and does influence my thoughts, my life, my dreams.
She has...
inspired a love for the Pioneer era in which she grew up (as
well as the history, beautiful antiquities of it, and for the simpler
times of that era- the more personal, old-fashioned way things
were), captivated me with the lands she describes growing up on 
in her books, encouraged me in values and morals in the honorable
person she was brought up to be and was, given me the delight
of getting lost in her pages and feeling like I'm right there by the hearth
with Laura and her family, and ultimately inspired my heart in
my goals through her life as a daughter, mother, teacher,
and author.

Girls who have read her books for well over half a century
now have been privileged to get to know her if only through her books
and to, as I have, read of the characters within her books like
Laura herself and like Caroline Ingalls, whose upstanding goodness
left a mark on us that made us want to follow that lead in the
people we chose to become.

Her life as a writer is especially interesting and inspiring to me.
  Her ability to use the colorful, expressive, lyrically lovely words
to paint stories on her pages that make her childhood world come
to life in ways that translate through the generations is amazing.
It is most captivating to me that her writing possesses
a quality of old-fashioned charm and sweet nostalgia for the fact
that she had the gift of being able to share her own memories
in each of her books.  It is so beautiful to me that I can read any
of her books today and feel the fullness of her memories resulting, full of
 her precious and deep look back to days gone by as they come through
on the page.

I am so thankful for the impact Laura Ingalls Wilder has had
on my life in more ways than I probably know.  I am so happy that her
legacy is left behind her through her books and owe to her
the direction of much of my dreaming heart and even a part of the
old soul inside me that yearns sometimes for the charm and simple
realness of an era long ago... on a prairie somewhere.

If I could write a letter to her now, I would
thank her for that... and for the example she still is, even
decades after she passed, of having character of intelligence
and grace, and valuing the pure and true
 things of life.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Faithful Friday: Settling for less

I love this thought.
I also love this photo because as you stare at it you
can put yourself on that balcony, staring out as these very 
words flutter across your mind.
This is beautiful in many senses, but to me it means so much because
it is a reminder to me of one of the many reasons why we need to be patient
in affliction, wants and needs, and in life overall and trust that God will
 tend to our hearts in His timing.

That term "don't settle for less" is something that is unequivocally 
linked to faith for my personal walk with the Lord, and I think that is
so for so many.  This is something that I ponder often... the importance
of this despite how hard it is... to wait on God for what He has in
store rather than hastily make decisions and run after things
in a rush that aren't meant for us quite yet.
It strikes me to think about how rushing into something and being
impatient could lead us to one place and cause us
to actually miss out on another: what was meant to be.
By doing so, we are settling for less.

As we are going through a season of waiting, which we
all are in some aspect, or are going through trials that seem
too much to bear, God keeps us close to Him.  The wait may seem
forever, but I love the impact of this thought... to think that
God is looking for patience within us, looking for us
to show Him that we have perseverance and patiently practice the 
fruitages of the spirit, and if we give up on Him and lose our faith,
decide to give up on Him bringing us what we long for,
we miss out on what He desires to give us.
Which is always better than what we could have planned
or dreamed of for ourselves.

.           .          .

This can apply to each of us in different aspects and reach
each one of us in ways that are meaningful to us in
what we may be waiting on God for right now.
This could be anything from waiting for an answer to a prayer
about a major life decision, waiting on relief from heartache you
are facing, or waiting for Him to bring a godly person your way-
either a friend or a potential spouse.
The latter is something that reminds me of what
many girls are concerned with and some are praying about.  
I remember in high school, and even now, hearing them talk about
how important it was to be dating someone, even about how much
it mattered to them that they have someone special for Valentine's day.
Whether it is out of wanting to get married or whatever
the reason may be, many girls get a little older and
think that the first person who comes their way is meant to be.
They settle for someone without praying or thinking about it and
without focusing on the character qualities of that person.
That is just one example, but I think of this and it reminds of how 
so many settle for less because they want something for the wrong reasons
or they want it now and don't have the patience to wait.

May we pray that God will give us the patience and the
attitude of positivity through perseverance of whatever it is
that we are waiting on, as well as the wisdom to not go
after what we think we know is best...
 because we want His best-
not to settle for less.

"And so it was that she, having waited
long and endured patiently, realized and
obtained what God had
-Hebrews 6:15

.           .          .

I feel like I write about this or have included it
in my thoughts a few times before, but I think that is
because it is something of which  God keeps reminding me.

I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!
After a day of shopping and now getting ready for a fun
evening at home, mine is.  And last night "Gone With the Wind"
 came on.  That was a sign of a good start to the weekend in
 itself, haha ;)

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Have a Blessed Day"

Happy Tuesday! :)
Hoping your week has been a blessed one so far.

Speaking of blessed, that is a word that I have been thinking about.
I recently heard a story out of Georgia where
a kind, older man working as a Wal-Mart greeter was told he could not
tell customers to "have a blessed day" after someone complained.

I could not believe that.
He seemed like the sweetest man and tears streamed down his
face as he talked about what it meant to him to tell people that he hoped
they had a blessed day.  The people there rallied together to help him and
support him so that he would be able to say those words again that meant so
much to him.  He has now been told by his boss that he is going to be allowed
to greet customers this way again.

This story amazed me because it was so hard for me to believe
that someone was so offended by the kindness of this man who was
wishing them a blessed day, that they went to his boss to complain.
I related to this because writing this greeting at the end of emails or
comments, or greeting others or saying goodbye to them in this way
is something I love to do.  I find those four words to be beautiful
because they wish the person you speak them to a day where they are
blessed and taken care of, a day where they are kept safe and are well.
They communicate a loving spirit and a kind hope towards both
strangers and loved ones. It brings me so much joy to say these words
as I know it does this man.

I think of being blessed as being given a gift from God.
I think of blessings and counting them as a treasure, to know that
we have someone watching us and caring for us enough to show
us the love of blessing our lives with simple and great joys.
Who wouldn't want to be blessed?  Or have a blessed day?

It made me sad as I listened to him and saw that someone
went out of their way to make trouble for this man, when all he wanted 
to do in saying "have a blessed day" was to BE a blessing.

God bless him for his kindness!
His heart and expression of kindness and faith makes me feel
even more joyful to be able to say...

Have a blessed day!

I hope you have a lovely week :)

Did you hear about this story?

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