Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Vintage Treasure Trove

I am always a fan of cold weather,
and today it got down to 30 degrees!
I was so excited to have a day that felt so Wintery.
As I have probably mentioned too many times to count, our weather
in the South is temperamental to say the least.  It is unpredictable
pretty much all year 'round... except Summer.  In Summer, you
can bet the farm that it will be the temperature of the sun ;)
But Winter here is perhaps especially strange when it comes to weather.
This weekend we were commenting on how warm it was and
had to shed all jackets, while this week so far has been freezing or
close to it.

Today, I was thinking about that and about how warm and Spring-like
it was just the weekend before last when we went 
to what I equate to being like a piece of heaven, a town in the hills
not far away where I could spend every day near the mirror-
like water.  I love going there so much.
The last time I had been was in January with one of my best
friends.  We had so much fun and it was so cold that our feet started
to feel like they were freezing through our boots.  This time,
a little over a month later, it felt almost hot.  

It was an absolutely beautiful day in this town I love
so much, a day perfect for enjoying the Southern breezes and a 
stroll by the river's edge- even in Winter.

If you've been reading my blog long, you know how much I am amazed
by the majestic, fairy-tale like beauty of trees.  This is one of the greatest places
for seeing amazing trees I can think of that I have ever been.
They are straight from an enchanted forest, so tall, wide, and truly grand,
Cypress and Oak mostly.  I always wonder just how old they are.
How magnificent it is to not only see them, but their reflections in the
glassy water.

This is my favorite vintage shop.
I could spend hours inside it.  We went to browse through the
back room full of vintage clothes, purses, and shoes.   It is like a treasure-chest
of wonderful things.  The outside of this place is beautiful, as well,
and is so Southern with its old, red screen-door and porch swing.
I overheard the shop owner telling someone it used to be someone's house.
How lovely it must have been to live here, if only for using the porch swing :)

And inside it is decorated just like a home from days
gone by... old photographs scattered on antique dressers, closets full
of vintage clothes for sale, bookshelves with old trinkets, and even this
beautiful bed.

I have a great love for all things weddings
and my favorite find when we went was this wedding dress.
Oh how I wanted this to come home with me to keep as a vintage treasure.
Ahh, the fabric and beading and the memories surely tied to this beautiful
dress.  And the forties and fifties hats were so lovely, too.

The enigmatic beauty and elegance of each photo staring back
at me on this piano was so neat to take in as I stared at each one.

And this sewing machine!

And here is the vintage room...
a portal to the past that was beyond amazing to look through.
What a dream to think of staying in this incredible room- which is three
 times the size of what is picture- and getting to try on everything.

What a fun day we had!

We went down by the creek right before we left and all I could
think about was how I can't wait to come back in the warmer
months and sit with my feet in that water, listening to the little falls...
at which time I'm sure I will also make another trip
to the vintage shop.  Hopefully we will go back sooner 
than that, though.


Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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