Saturday, February 7, 2015

Faithful Friday: Settling for less

I love this thought.
I also love this photo because as you stare at it you
can put yourself on that balcony, staring out as these very 
words flutter across your mind.
This is beautiful in many senses, but to me it means so much because
it is a reminder to me of one of the many reasons why we need to be patient
in affliction, wants and needs, and in life overall and trust that God will
 tend to our hearts in His timing.

That term "don't settle for less" is something that is unequivocally 
linked to faith for my personal walk with the Lord, and I think that is
so for so many.  This is something that I ponder often... the importance
of this despite how hard it is... to wait on God for what He has in
store rather than hastily make decisions and run after things
in a rush that aren't meant for us quite yet.
It strikes me to think about how rushing into something and being
impatient could lead us to one place and cause us
to actually miss out on another: what was meant to be.
By doing so, we are settling for less.

As we are going through a season of waiting, which we
all are in some aspect, or are going through trials that seem
too much to bear, God keeps us close to Him.  The wait may seem
forever, but I love the impact of this thought... to think that
God is looking for patience within us, looking for us
to show Him that we have perseverance and patiently practice the 
fruitages of the spirit, and if we give up on Him and lose our faith,
decide to give up on Him bringing us what we long for,
we miss out on what He desires to give us.
Which is always better than what we could have planned
or dreamed of for ourselves.

.           .          .

This can apply to each of us in different aspects and reach
each one of us in ways that are meaningful to us in
what we may be waiting on God for right now.
This could be anything from waiting for an answer to a prayer
about a major life decision, waiting on relief from heartache you
are facing, or waiting for Him to bring a godly person your way-
either a friend or a potential spouse.
The latter is something that reminds me of what
many girls are concerned with and some are praying about.  
I remember in high school, and even now, hearing them talk about
how important it was to be dating someone, even about how much
it mattered to them that they have someone special for Valentine's day.
Whether it is out of wanting to get married or whatever
the reason may be, many girls get a little older and
think that the first person who comes their way is meant to be.
They settle for someone without praying or thinking about it and
without focusing on the character qualities of that person.
That is just one example, but I think of this and it reminds of how 
so many settle for less because they want something for the wrong reasons
or they want it now and don't have the patience to wait.

May we pray that God will give us the patience and the
attitude of positivity through perseverance of whatever it is
that we are waiting on, as well as the wisdom to not go
after what we think we know is best...
 because we want His best-
not to settle for less.

"And so it was that she, having waited
long and endured patiently, realized and
obtained what God had
-Hebrews 6:15

.           .          .

I feel like I write about this or have included it
in my thoughts a few times before, but I think that is
because it is something of which  God keeps reminding me.

I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!
After a day of shopping and now getting ready for a fun
evening at home, mine is.  And last night "Gone With the Wind"
 came on.  That was a sign of a good start to the weekend in
 itself, haha ;)

Have a blessed day!


  1. Indeed, God DOES desire the very best for His children and this post was such a sweet reminder of that.

    I hope you are well, dear friend. I think of you often! May you have a beautiful week. Love and hugs!

  2. True words Jazzmin, patience is such a virtue and long lasting love is patient, patience is needed for us to experience life, from the moment God created us our mother's needed to be patient and wait for our arrival. Patience is in faith, waiting for His responses and trusting in His words requires patience. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post.

    "But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing".~James 1:4

    Hope you are having a blessed day also.


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