Saturday, February 14, 2015

Good Morning!

I am a night owl.  I always have been.  It is almost 2 a.m. in
my tiny corner of the world and I am finally tired.  A long day has gone
by and it has been a blessed day, but has also been full of being glued
to my computer writing, planning, and studying.  And I'm finished for now. :)
But I didn't get a chance today to write any of my thoughts to share
for Faithful Friday... so until next Friday when I can write something close
and meaningful to share, I leave you with a sunrise.

It may be late at night, but the morning is already on my mind.
And with it, I am thinking of sunrises like this, glorious glowing sunrises
beaming and blushing in every direction,
and the promises of a new day that they evoke.
And words to start a new day
that are a blessing to be reminded of
all the time...

"Don't start your day with the
broken pieces of yesterday.
Every morning we wake up is the
first day of the rest of our life."

With every new day that rises up with the sun
is a million new chances for joy and hope rising
up right along with it...
for new dreams and inspirations and beginnings.

Good morning!

I hope your Saturday is beautiful!!


  1. What a sweet post. It sounds as if you have been studying for exams, my friend. Take care of yourself. Hope your Valentine's Day has been special...just like you. xo

  2. Oh, I love this! It's so encouraging! You are so right, we have to start each day wondering what God is going to do through us and not let a moment go by without showing the people in our lives how much we care for them!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    -Lauren <3

  3. Hey girl! :) I tagged you in a blog party!

  4. So beautifully written, Jazzmin. <3
    You can't change your past, but you can change your path, and the time to do that is now. I often forget that.
    One of my favorite movie quotes (I'm sure you will recognize it ;) ) is "After all tomorrow is another day!" :)
    Have a wonderful week, Jazzmin! <3

  5. Lovely photo and excellent quote! I wake up at 6 every weekday morning--so if you'd go to bed 2 hours later, and I wake up 2 hours earlier, we'd have an all-night watch!


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