Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Have a Blessed Day"

Happy Tuesday! :)
Hoping your week has been a blessed one so far.

Speaking of blessed, that is a word that I have been thinking about.
I recently heard a story out of Georgia where
a kind, older man working as a Wal-Mart greeter was told he could not
tell customers to "have a blessed day" after someone complained.

I could not believe that.
He seemed like the sweetest man and tears streamed down his
face as he talked about what it meant to him to tell people that he hoped
they had a blessed day.  The people there rallied together to help him and
support him so that he would be able to say those words again that meant so
much to him.  He has now been told by his boss that he is going to be allowed
to greet customers this way again.

This story amazed me because it was so hard for me to believe
that someone was so offended by the kindness of this man who was
wishing them a blessed day, that they went to his boss to complain.
I related to this because writing this greeting at the end of emails or
comments, or greeting others or saying goodbye to them in this way
is something I love to do.  I find those four words to be beautiful
because they wish the person you speak them to a day where they are
blessed and taken care of, a day where they are kept safe and are well.
They communicate a loving spirit and a kind hope towards both
strangers and loved ones. It brings me so much joy to say these words
as I know it does this man.

I think of being blessed as being given a gift from God.
I think of blessings and counting them as a treasure, to know that
we have someone watching us and caring for us enough to show
us the love of blessing our lives with simple and great joys.
Who wouldn't want to be blessed?  Or have a blessed day?

It made me sad as I listened to him and saw that someone
went out of their way to make trouble for this man, when all he wanted 
to do in saying "have a blessed day" was to BE a blessing.

God bless him for his kindness!
His heart and expression of kindness and faith makes me feel
even more joyful to be able to say...

Have a blessed day!

I hope you have a lovely week :)

Did you hear about this story?


  1. No, I hadn't heard of the story--so sad to hear, but I'm glad he will be able to wish a blessed day to people again. Some people are just so touchy that it's ridiculous: they need to learn to look past what could be potentially offensive (hmm...how could a blessed day be offensive?), and look at people's true intentions.

    Have a blessed day. ;)

  2. Hi There, I saw the story about the Walmart Greeter on TV. Such a nice man--and it's wonderful that the people stood up for him and demanded that he be able to say "Have a blessed day"..... God Bless HIM and others who take the time to wish someone a blessed day.

    YOU---Have a BLESSED day.... God Bless.


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