Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Baseball Mitts and Baby Blankets

I was reading through my post titles and realized
that I had started a post over a month ago that I never finished.
It is simple and actually inspired by an entry I made for my
writing class, and I decided to finish it and share it today :)

•          •          •

In one of my classes last week, I got the joy of seeing people at their most beautiful.
Their eyes lit up, their faces beamed, some of their voices had sadness, some of them
joy, all of them depth as they spoke... the commonalities being that each person had
 something in their hands, an object that they treasured, and that no matter 
what the emotion, there was always meaning that showed
 through so magically.
Magically... through their eyes and face as they held
those things: 
a baby blanket, a book, a locket, a ring, symbols
of beginnings, of endings, of much more.

Our prompt was to bring a "sentimental object."
I thought for a few days about what I would bring.  I have things lining
my shelves, in my momento boxes, and notes and photos that I treasure,
 tucked in places in my room.  I am a very sentimental person and I keep everything
that has had significance to me because I think the closest thing there is
to traveling to the past and the memories we cherish are in those very items.

Some of my most cherished objects are dried roses. 
Each one has a different meaning to me according to what event it 
came from.  Some are from funerals of my loved ones, the newest being
 a white rose from this past August.
They rest atop my tallest bookshelf, placed together in a bunch.
I would have taken one of those to share, but they are so fragile and
I was afraid to risk having it be crushed or dropped.

In the end, I decided to bring 
something else that is also always resting on my shelf...
my baseball mitt. 
Black, leather, slightly worn from me using it
all these summers- to play and to bring to games
to catch fly balls.
It holds so many memories that feel as if they have been infused
into its leather... memories of the day I got it at the ballpark when I
 was only five, the day my Grandma- who is now gone- wrote my name on it
 for me in pink pen that still remains, of all the games I remember going to-
 that I'm still going to and always will, of the pictures scattered of those 
nostalgic, sweet moments in everyone's albums, the photos I hold close,
and of all the hot summer days when nothing was better than
going out to the park and practicing batting and pitching with my
It's a child's glove, but it still fits me today.

What amazes me...
is how one object, no matter how small or seemingly simple and
meaningless to someone else, can have the most monumental
meaning to you... the most prolific impact on your mind and heart,
bringing upon you a wave of nostalgia for another place and time,
or even tears to your eyes as it evokes thoughts of 
those who may no longer be with you.
Whether a baseball glove or a baby blanket.

I think that is one of the most priceless, inherently, and distinctively
precious things of life... that, just like photographs, these
things are a ticket to the past to bring us back to a moment
that will forever feel like it was just yesterday.

•          •          •

It is Spring Break week for me and it has been such
a wonderful time to rest and relax, as well as enjoy time
both out and at home with my family.
I'm thankful for this week.

I will be taking a short break from posting until next week.
I will "see" y'all then ♥

Hoping your day is very blessed!


  1. Aww Jazzmin... Such a warm heart felt post you have shared with us. I appreciated your talking of memories as it reminded me to enjoy the treasures I have collected over the years.
    Since last May I have been busy cleaning out my parents home and having to purge so many items that they have collected together for nearly 60 years.
    I think about purging from my own collected things, and yet, I want to keep it all for memory sake.
    You have refreshed my thinking :-) and I will continue to cherish my beautiful treasures, at least for now.

    It is always a delight to come and visit with you.
    I have been in and out with blogging for awhile, so it's good to be back.

    I want to thank you for all your sweet comments that you leave on my posts.
    You are just precious, Jazzmin!

    Enjoy your week off and God bless you.
    Joy! Debbie

  2. Happy Spring Break!

    I have some items I keep just because of the memories attached to them. For example, I have a violin my dad bought me sitting in the corner of my office. It has a crack in it and the bow is missing but I keep it because he bought it. I think items like those make a house a home.

  3. Love!! My special item is my a baby doll my mama bought me as a toddler. I remember going to the doll store with her to pick it out. It rests on my nightstand, and has traveled with me through childhood, college, and now marriage bed.


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