Friday, March 6, 2015

Faithful Friday: A Cheerful Heart

This weekend got away from me and I find myself now
writing this on Monday instead of Friday!
The weekends just fly.  I hope yours was wonderful!...

I think something so simple, but so prolific, when it comes to 
living joyfully is remembering that life should never be too full of sorrow
 and stresses that we forget to laugh and have cheer in our heart.
It is isn't always something that will come naturally when we are heavy
laden with trials, but I was thinking about this and it made me smile to
think that even in the darkest moments in our lives, we still often
laugh at things that come up and that adds even the smallest bit of
cheer to our day.

When I think of the qualities I would like to be remembered
for, being a happy and cheerful person who is always
laughing and smiling- and cheers others up- is definitely
one that I think of.

But when we do laugh every day when we have such great joy
in our heart, as well as when it's hard to laugh because of something
we're dealing with, yet we still find a way to anyway, we owe
all of that to God... because He is the reason we are inspired to have
 a cheerful spirit and countenance within us.

And what beautiful wisdom is found in these words...
laughter truly is the best medicine.
It isn't just a figure of speech or opinion-
it's God's message to us. 

.           .           .

Moments come and go out of our lives, but when they are
characterized by sadness or being tired out from a certain struggle,
they can seem to hang on.
The light within them, to me, is always laughter.
Because as God has reminded me so many times in 
struggle, that moment when I find myself laughing at something
or smiling when I didn't think I would is always a
glaring reminder that laughter is a gift.
Not just because it brings you joy if even for a short time,
but because it is priceless and not always abundant.
So when it is we can appreciate it even more, and when it's not,
we can be inspired to be of good cheer anyway.

I'm so thankful for laughter!
Laughing is probably my favorite pastime.
I love the electric, beautiful feeling you get when you can't
stop laughing, when others are laughing with you, or
when you really needed a laugh.
I've been blessed to grow up in a family where jokes and
hilarity are abundant and someone is always trying to make everyone
else laugh.
I also find myself laughing at entertainment I enjoy, like 
I Love Lucy and movies with clean humor.  
A few months ago, I remembered watching a comedian
that my aunt had shown us when we went to visit her a few summers
ago.  Just randomly, for some reason I thought about a certain video
we had watched and I looked it up to find it.  From that moment, I kept
watching this comedian and looking for more of his videos.
Everyone has a little bit different sense of humor, but he- Tim
Hawkins- really makes me laugh.  You may have heard of him.
He is a Christian and does a lot of shows at churches.  I haven't
seen all of his stand-up, but from what I have seen, he is quite funny
and always keeps his material clean.

Since I am writing about laughter,
I thought it might add some laughter to your day by sharing a few
of my favorite videos of his.  You'll notice that he always seems to
do women's voices in Southern accents, which always makes me laugh.
This first video is probably my favorite- I can't stop laughing
at it, but I also love seeing the sweet, elderly people in the
audience enjoying themselves as they listen and crack up...
and the second video is so funny to me because of how true
it is that that phrase is used!

Have a blessed day!!

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