Friday, March 13, 2015

Faithful Friday: Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

This is one of the messages in the bible that hits home
for me so much!
This is close to my heart... for one, because this is one of the points that
I remember being impressed upon me in church as I have grown up...
and secondly- partly due to that- I believe there to be such
great value in these wise words.

In a day where it is so easy to be wrapped up with
technological advancement and buying the latest phone or the flattest
T.V, this is advice that we can truly take to heart.
In my writing class recently, we took time in a writing workshop
to write, in just a few minutes, about something we believe is wrong.
I wrote about this, thinking along the lines of how people
all across the world spend thousands of dollars on things like handbags
and shoes.  They spend beyond their means, or if they do spend within
them, they spend lavishly simply because they know they can.
The point I wrote about was that while one person is doing so, there is
someone just a few miles away in the same city who would feel so
thankful and blessed to have dinner for the night.  They wouldn't
even know what to do if they had even one-hundred dollars.

God exudes the most profound love of any being in existence,
and surely his heart breaks to see people starving and even dying because
they are homeless or have no money at all.  I think of this when I am buying
things and try to let this love He shows us guide my attitude toward
material things.  I love clothes and shopping.  A lot...

But this verse
reminds me that the REAL place to invest my life 
and my heart is not in materialistic things, but in God.
Storing up treasures in HEAVEN, not on Earth.

My favorite part of this verse though is
the message the where we store our "treasure" is the
place where our heart is.
I am inspired in my faith and in my walk with God
when I am honest with myself and ask myself if I really
need something, if am buying something for materialistic
reasons, or if I am buying something that I could use the money I
am using to buy something for someone else.
I am encouraged by these precious words
to store up a thousand times more treasures in my faith, in heaven,
than here on Earth through materialistic things.

What a wonderful verse.
It brings to mind the truth that is hard
 to face sometimes when we are tempted materialistically...
that when we die (and now), God is not going to care that
we bought the highest-end brand dress or the biggest house
on the block, but He will care how much we invested in our
faith in our daily lives.

The message is a blessing... to keep our eyes simple
and focus on the things that matter.... serving God and putting
our focus on helping others instead of serving ourselves.


Wishing you a lovely weekend♥

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