Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

Happy Spring!

Southern Living always has the most delightful quotes come
Springtime, with words that make me feel the soul of Spring and all that
it is... the blooms, weather and breezes, color all around to come, and just
the sheer beauty.
I love this one, but I would take out the word "hateful" in
describing winter because I love Winter, but I am so excited for Spring.

Isn't that just the most heavenly feeling when you can feel Spring
on your skin when you walk outside, smell the scents of it all around!
We are enjoying the beginnings of Spring in this part of
the South and hoping it lasts a loooong time.  Because
usually Spring is five seconds and then Summer is here.
So please hang on a while, Spring! ;)

.           .           .

I hope your start to Spring has been a lovely one.
Depending where you are, you may have flowers blooming up
all around to remind you of the changed season, or you may have
snow outside your doorstep.  It's always so neat to me to think of
how different the same time of year can be for each region of the country,
and of course the world.

I think the telltale sign of Spring here is this sight every year
along the county roads and highways...

I don't believe there is ever a season's view in my home
that makes this land feel more a part of my heart or makes me feel
more in love with this place than this.
From bluebonnets, to Indian paintbrush, to evening primrose.
God is so good to give us all such beautiful wildflowers in each
place we live, to experience and savor in Spring.
I'm so thankful for these glorious seas of blue.

Spring here has been characterized by wildflowers
and taking in their loveliness.
Aside from that, it has so far been spent inside
as I've spent time trying to make my mama feel better from
a flu she has.  But that has been a blessing in a way because it has
forced us to rest.
I was sick along with her over much of Spring Break
last week, so we stayed inside and rested together, but
it made me think of how easy it is to take for-granted rest
and spending time taking it easy with your family.
An entire day of watching classic Disney movies
was definitely a reminder of how lovely the simple things
are... like watching those dreamily wonderful
movies that translate generations and make you smile inside.
I was so happy to watch The Little Mermaid especially.
My favorite.

I think I write this every Spring, or have since I have started
writing here, but I think this blessed season has such an air of hope
and new beginnings with it, a freshness that settles in along with
Maybe it's because it is the Season for spring cleaning?
I don't know.  It just has that essence about it.
There is so much to look forward to.

Spring desserts.
Spring decorating.
Flowers shooting up
to bring cheer.
Sweet swallows with their song
and iridescent hummingbirds

And there is such a gently wonderful beauty
to the fact that all of these things roll around each Spring, the
same things to look forward to, yet they are new and
exciting once more because of how they have
been missed.

Happy Spring to you!

Have a lovely day!!

What is a sure sign of Spring's arrival where
you live?


  1. Spring is my favorite season too! I cannot wait to see flowers blossoming in my neck of the woods. : ) So sorry to hear that you and your mom have been sick, but glad to know you are on the mend. Enjoy this beautiful season!

  2. Yes! When you can feel Spring on your skin - I love that1

    Also, thank you thank you for sharing the beautiful bluebonnets by the road picture. So gorgeous! Along the roadsides where I love you can mostly just see weeds ...

  3. Hello dear Jazzmin! Oh, thank you for your sweet comment on Beautiful Girlhood! It was indeed so kind of you to stop by today:)
    It is such a joy to meet other sisters in Christ and 'kindred spirits; and I am so happy to have met you!
    Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord - it is such an encouragement and inspiration to many, including myself...
    I look forward to many more pleasant moments spent reading your lovely blog! I see we share similar, writing and crafting! How lovely!
    Blessings and much love to you...
    Praying your weekend is a very blessed and beautiful one!
    Love in Jesus,


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