Friday, April 3, 2015

Faithful Friday: He Sent His Son

The Faithful Friday falling on the week/end that the most incredible sacrifice ever made took place so many years ago is undoubtedly the most special... because at this time, I feel so indescribably and deeply aware of the amazement of how God sent His son on behalf of us- sinners through and through- that we might live.

This verse, along with perhaps the most well-known verse of all time, John 3:16, are so precious and beautiful because they convey in the most clear words the most significant sacrifice ever made and the very reason that we even have hope and faith in the first place.  Without this, we would not have the privilege of being owned and loved by our Savior.

Getting to read so many powerful verses tonight and meditating on the love that God has for you and me is so moving that it is emotional to think about.
Can you imagine anyone else who would show such immense love that He would lay down His life in sacrifice so that a group of people that would include ones who He knew would slander and even hate Him could have a chance at everlasting life?  I certainly cannot.  Only Jesus had that love for us, a love like no other.

When I study the verses over the last supper and the moments leading up to Christ's death, his death itself, and his resurrection, I am reminded of the greatest love that has ever or will ever exist... and I wonder whole-heartedly how it is that I ever doubt God's plan for my life in moments of weakness.   I hope God forgives me for those moments and helps my heart to trust Him fully, to show Him my appreciation for what He did for me despite my sins and imperfections. Something God and Jesus did not have to do, but wanted to.

Wanted to!  That is the most amazing part.

Happy Friday to you!

May you have a very blessed weekend!!

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  1. Oh Jazzmin! What beautiful words about our wonderful Saviour's love for us! It is so humbling to think of the King of all, dying for my sin and shame...
    Blessings to you on this very special weekend!
    P.S. I am enjoying getting to know you through your lovely blog:)


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