Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Modest and Pretty in Spring

How is your weather where you are this spring?

We talked to my grandmother, who lives up in Colorado, and she said
there has been heavy snow!  I could not believe that.  
Here in this part of the South, it has been warm and we have been
having showers and storms every few days.  I am hanging onto spring
and hoping that we have lots of rain and cooler, breezier days, because
I know that in our state, as we joke, there are a few weeks of spring
and about 9 months of summer.  Summer will be here soon
 in all its humid glory.  So, please stay, Spring!

In the increasingly warmer temperatures, I have been cleaning out
my closet amidst spring cleaning and have been excited to put together some
outfits for vacations coming up, as well as just things i can wear everyday
to go to the store or places with my family.
This has made me especially inspired in my sewing ideas for some things
I want to make for spring and summer and in my ideas for outfits.
Since I love dressing up and clothes altogether,
I wanted to share some of my favorite spring clothes...
because I love the femininity and beauty of getting dressed in
this season where so many beautiful patterns and bright colors are
everywhere ☺

•          •         •

I love picking out clothes, finding modest and fun pieces,
 and putting things together, and I think that
is one reason that I have come to love so much one website that
allows you to pair any items you like to create outfits... or a whole
set or wardrobe.  
It is called Polyvore.  You may have heard of it.  
If you enjoy clothing, I think you will have fun on this site.
Below are some beautiful things I am inspired by that I wanted to share
that I think are so modest, pretty, and feminine...
then at the end, I will share a few of my Polyvore outfits...

I love this fuchsia color running through her outfit, from her
nail polish to her sash around the waist, and the clutch.  This is one of
my favorite colors for spring and summer.

A beautiful, polished feel.
This necklace is so simply elegant.  I like monogrammed everything ;)
  It adds such a pretty touch.  I get a feel of her outfit being
lovely and I can't even see it.

What a fun necklace.   Do you like to try out fun, bold accessories?
I think the coral is so bright and nice, and all of the flowers clustered together
make for such a unique addition to her outfit.

More monograms!  I love girly cotton blouses for spring.  They are my favorite
type of top to wear because they are modest and pretty and cool, letting in
a lot of air in around your body because they fit loosely.
Which is key, especially when the onset of summer hits.

This red bowed skirt is so cute.  And I think wearing
fun blouses is such a neat way to feel casually dressed-up in Spring.
This one with watermelons, cherries, and pineapples is so sweet.

Lovely floral dress made out of such wonderful fabric.

I love her dress (and especially the pretty view in the background! Looks
like Florida or somewhere in the SE to me?)... this is a simply beautiful
outfit that I would love to wear to a spring wedding or to church.

Ohh, this vintage dress♥
Elegant and delicate.  Just so beautiful.
That lace is gorgeous.  I love the pairing of the vintage hat with it.

Crisp, pretty white skirt.  The design of this skirt is interesting and
the fabric looks so cool and light.

Blouses like this are a dream to wear in spring and summer.
I think this might actually be a dress now that I see it is a wedding/
bridal photo, but it looked like a blouse to me at first, haha.
Going off of the idea that it were a blouse, I love these sleeves.  These light,
airy tops with open sheer sleeves like this are so girly and they feel
cool.   I love wearing these when out walking around town on vacation when
I know it's going to be warm so I can stay cool.

And speaking of blouses, I cannot get enough of these Mexican blouses.
Growing up somewhat near Mexico, these blouses are popular here.  There are
also dresses that look exactly like the blouses, just longer, and you can belt them.
Between my mama and I, we have a few.  Their embroidery is so intricately
and beautifully done.  And again, they are both modest and so cool to wear.
I have a bright yellow one that I think I wore more than any
other top last spring and summer because it was so breezy.
The ladies that embroider these are nothing short of amazing.
That work is incredible.

You may have heard of Lilly Pulitzer.  I wrote a post about her when she
passed away two years ago.  She is famous for her fun, vibrant, floral and other
prints that she designed her clothing and accessories with.
Her designs are extremely popular here in the South.
I love them because I really enjoy wearing bright and bold colors.
This scarf is such a stylish, pretty springy piece to add to a simple white

And my own outfits that I had fun putting together,
from casual to church wear, to special occasion...

This outfit makes me thirsty for lemonade.

And this one reminds me of cotton candy. ☺

Which is your favorite piece or outfit?
How do you like to dress in spring??

...I also found this beyond beautiful hat that I am inspired to make.
It makes me want to go buy a big straw hat and go get beautiful blossoms
from the garden (or the wildflowers blooming now!) and decorate it.
This is so elegant, a true Southern Belle meets tea party meets 
gorgeous garden hat!  I couldn't leave out a hat.

I am so happy to be linking up with my sweet
friend, Stephanie, at her beyond beautiful blog, The Enchanting Rose!
I am so thankful to have her as a friend and to know her through her
blog.  Her Link-up is called Roses of Inspiration.
If you are looking for inspiration in fashion, home decor, godliness and faith,
crafting, photography, and more, visit her link-up HERE to see what
 all of the ladies there are sharing this week!

I hope your day has been wonderful!

Until Friday... blessings & have a lovely week!


  1. Miss Jazzmin, those are some pretty and modest outfits you have picked out. I'm sure you would look gorgeous in any of them.

    Here's to hoping that Spring will stay longer than just a few days where we might all enjoy the season.

  2. Hello dearest Jazzmin! What a gorgeous collection of pretty outfits you've put together here!
    I love the bright, vibrant colours of each outfit as they're just perfect for spring and summertime!
    Right now I am so excited because I awoke to a cooler day and thus could pull out my long sleeve shirts and pretty scarves and oh! Don't forget the knee length boots! Yes, winter has pretty much arrived here in lovely South Africa!
    Oh, Polyvore sounds like a fantastic place to get creative with clothes and put together a few pretty outfits - thank you for sharing yours with us! I love the second to last one the most!
    Blessings and much love to you!

  3. Oh sweet friend, there is so much eye candy here! How I love the to outfits that you have chosen {I think I could wear every one}. Each one is beautiful AND modest which is such a blessing :)

    Thank you so much, dear Jazzmin, for sharing this lovely post with Roses of Inspiration. I squealed with delight when I saw you had linked up :) Much love to you!


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