Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Masterpiece of the Heart of God : Mothers

I love seeing vintage photos of mothers with their
 children, a scene that is the epitome of the beauty of family.
This one I found recently on Pinterest is so sweet!
  Photos like this are kind of like the photography version of
looking at a Mary Cassatt painting, I think.
This photo reminds me of my Grandma on my Daddy's side
because I have a photo of her dressed a lot like this, and like this
mother has many children, my Grandma had seven.

The beauty of family is such a gift from God in the way 
He arranged families, where we have someone so loving and special
as a mother to cherish us and care for us like no one else can.

One thing I love and cherish about moms is
the things they do that make them mothers,
the little quirks and things they do that make us smile or laugh
or even drive us a little crazy, in a good way ;)
...the things that their children all relate to them doing.
It's funny when you talk to other people about what their mom is
like and what your mom is like and you come up with the same things
as far as little things they do.
I mean things like putting your things away in their place
when you left them in a certain place because you needed
them.  My mama has been notorious for that all of my years
growing up.  I would leave out my shoes for school the next
morning and lo and behold, I would come to get them and they
would be in my closet because she put them away, haha.
It's those things that make me smile about
moms that they all seem to have in common.

It is also those kinds of things that not only make us laugh
or think, "That's my mom!" but those little things are also
so memorable and, to me, are part of what I'll remember
forever about mine.

And the funniest and best part... we will do those
same things one day when we're mothers, or maybe already do.
As they say, we all quote our mothers someday.  So, I think
it makes sense that we all start doing things out mothers do or
did at some point, too.

Where I have grown up, it's common for people to quote their
mothers.  A lot.  People in my family, family friends, strangers you
meet, people at gatherings... those words "my mama
 always said/says..." seem to come up.
They share little pieces of wisdom from their mothers that show
how memorable their mothers were and are and the impact
they have had on their lives and their values.
I think that is one of the most
amazing things that people could do is talk about the little pieces
of wisdom and the things that were said by their mothers, because
that is how family sayings and wisdom have come down the line
from generations ago.  I find that so special and nostalgic.

...And then there are all the things we can be so thankful
for that our mothers took the time and energy to lovingly teach us...

to be loving
to show thankfulness
pride of place

And most special of all are those memories that
they made with us as we grew up and as they taught us
each of those things, patiently sitting there with us showing us
a craft or talking with us about important values, such as
valuing the words and wisdom of our elders or putting God first.
I am most thankful my Mama instilled that in me♥

Of course, there are other things they teach us, too!
Haha, I have shared this before- maybe even twice- because I love it,
and I think it there is a place in all our hearts where we remember
going through exactly these things growing up, maybe so much so that
they kind of became terms of endearment ;)
And we are probably a lot better off for it, because it was only
with love and care that our mothers did these things.

What a gift our mothers are and always will be to us in our
deepest, dearest memories.  My mom always tells me that she feels a different
feeling when she hugs me that doesn't compare to when she hugs anyone
else... that a mother can always tell when she is hugging her children.
A part of our lives, our mothers love for us that is beautiful beyond words

I'm SO thankful for the great mothers I have known and do know,
their example, their love.

♥Wishing you and every mother in your life
a very blessed Mother's day♥

...but every day is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives,
the women who have loved and taken care of us like no one
else quite can.

God Bless our angels, our mothers.


  1. Oh, dearest Jazzmin...what lovely thoughts on our precious mothers! ...What would we do without them? It is true that many aren't blessed with loving, God fearing mothers and that is so very sad...
    Mothers have many trials and struggles and I always say to my precious mother that there must be a huge heavenly reward in store for all Mothers striving to raise their children with Godly values! :)
    Thank you for sharing this sweet post with us - just perfect for Mother's Day!
    Lots of love and hugs to you!

  2. Precious mothers....they are truly a joy and blessing! Your post was simply perfect for Mother's Day, my friend, and I greatly appreciate your sentiments. Your mother has brought up a beautiful daughter, inside and out :) You are such a dear!

    Love and hugs to you, Jazzmin!

  3. I agree with Stephanie, Your Mother must be very proud of the young woman you are. I don't have children but I would want a daughter just like you. I hope you two enjoyed a special Mother's Day. I appreciate your kind words in your comment on my post. I am so thankful for my Christian blog sisters and value each friendship. If you ever have a free moment, I hope you will read the link on my mother's day post. I look forward to following you now and I enjoy your wonderful photography so very much.


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