Thursday, May 21, 2015

From the Heart, Handmade Graduation Gift

Last week, I had the pleasure of going to my 
longtime friend's graduation.

I had looked for a gift for her at the store, but I could not find anything that I
thought suited her or was right for her or for this moment in her life... nothing
that communicated what I wanted to communicate through a gift.

So, I went to the craft store and picked up a few things and did what I love
to do with a passion- look through things and excitedly get ideas about what I could
do with this or that.  
I ended up deciding to make a gift for her that she could put 
in her new apartment when she moves to get her first job or that she
could use for her desk, and I was excited- when I realized what
I wanted to make- to create something that had meaning to her.

I came home with a frame, some pretty specialty scrapbook
paper, and used some things I already had, including stamps.
I have been getting into stamping and love it☺

The day I sat down to make her gift, it was the coziest, loveliest day
for crafting- a rainy, overcast, sweatshirt and cup of hot-chocolate kind
of day... Even in May :)

The items I used:
Picture frame
Black Ink Pad
Lettering Stamps
Gold Nail Polish
Sewing Pin (for dabbing gold polish)
Newsprint/vintage scrapbook paper

The first thing I did was measure where on my paper
I needed the main focus to be, which was this beautiful
elephant.  This was the first meaningful part of the gift...
using my friend's favorite animal as a part of it.
I then cut the scrapbook sheet to be the size of a sheet of computer
paper so that it would fit in the printer, and I printed out this image
of the elephant in the bottom left corner.
Next, I took the frame paper that came inside it and used it
to trace what area I wanted to cut from the scrapbook paper,
doing so so that my elephant would be right at the bottom left corner
and there would be sufficient room to do stamping above.

After cutting out the paper to the right size, 
I took my "tester" sheet that I had printed an elephant on already
and used it as a model so that I could map out my letters that I
needed to stamp prior to doing so... I wanted to do this because I
knew that there was no going back if I ran out of room!

After the words were finished and I was done stamping,
I added some color and shine by taking a bottle of gold nail polish
and using the polish to dot around the letters.
I poured a little bit of polish out, took a sewing pin, and used the head
of it to dip into the gold and dot the paper all over.
I did sort of a fade effect with it by dotting heavily and close
together at the bottom and slowly getting fewer and farther between the
dots as I got closer to the top.

After adding that last touch, it was finished.
Choosing an Irish Blessing to wish her on her way with this
new phase of life is the second part of significance because she,
like me, has Irish heritage and loves all things Irish and Celtic.
And the third meaningful aspect of this was simply the paper... Her major
 was journalism, so I thought that newsprint style paper as the background
 would be fitting.

The last thing to was to write her a card, which I think is my favorite
part of giving gifts to anyone.
And while doing that, I had my helper with me.
She is always nearby when I'm working on something.
She usually sits in my lap and takes a nap when we are in there, haha.
...But every once in a while, of course, she likes to get up and stretch
and investigate whatever I am doing.

Completely finished and in the frame, ready to go with me to
the graduation!

During the internship/field work that I finished this semester,
I was dressing up almost everyday, and since I have been done,
I have missed that a little.  So, it was nice to get a little dressed up to
go to the graduation.
I got to wear my new dress.  I am still figuring out the belting of it ;)
I realized as I put it on before leaving that it had no belt loops
and this is the only thin belt I had, but it worked and stayed put.

Heading out with the gift!

There is no feeling like putting heart and meaning into a gift
and making it by hand to give to someone.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." 
 -Acts 20:35

I had so much fun putting together her gift, and it was great to be able
 to go to her graduation and support her.  I'm really glad I 
was able to make it.

•          •         •

I am so happy to be linking this post to my dear friend Stephanie's
20th Roses of Inspiration Link-Up on her always uplifting,
beautiful blog, The Enchanting Rose.
Visit her and the wonderful ladies who have joined in on the
link-up by clicking HERE.
And my heart and prayers are with Stephanie as she and her
family deal with loss at this time.  I know God is comforting
 their hearts.  Stephanie's Grandpa passed away this week.  
If you visit her blog, I'm sure it would be a blessing to her if you left 
your condolences and loving words♥

I hope y'all are having a blessed week!!

Hugs and blessings!


  1. Jazzmin, I love the special and heartfelt gift you made for your friend's graduation. The newsprint paper, the elephant and Irish blessing are just perfect. The frame is very nice and you did such a great job with the stamping.
    Your new dress is a lovely color. I know your friend was so appreciative of your presence on her special day.

    I had read of Stephanie's grandfather passing away and left her and her Mother a note of sympathy.

    So nice to visit with you here today. I love that your "helper" supervises your work!!! lol

  2. What a wonderful graduation present! I have a graduation open house I'm attending this weekend--always fun!

  3. Oh, you did a absolutely fantastic job of creating a meaningful, beautiful handmade gift for your dear friend!
    Oh Jazzmin, you are very creative and I love what you made for her...from the Irish Blessing to the paper you printed it on...everything is so lovely and I am sure she was truly touched!
    I love cosy days at home spent crafting...such bliss!
    Your little furry friend is too pooch, Izzie, hops up onto my chair while I am sewing and sits behind me...she often falls asleep and it is so cute to watch her head bob until...she is far away in dreamland:). Aww, I love having pets!
    Your outfit is really gorgeous and I know what you mean about dressing up - I don't go out too often, but when I do I like to take some time and make it worth my while - haha!
    Have a beautiful day, sweet friend and much love! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love to see a new follower! This graduation gift is would be a nice wedding gift as well. I enjoy crafting and making something special for those I love.


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