Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Summer

 Connecting to and noticing the beauty of the seasons
as they make an entrance is something I find so much joy in.
Summer in my neck of the woods, or should I say,
my neck of the South, may be just a few degrees away from the temperature
of the surface of the sun... but there is still so much beauty, charm, and
 sheer elation that comes with summer that is intrinsically a part of it 
in all that it brings with it.

It is so lovely and pleasing to the soul, I think, to notice these things
about each season as it begins... just the small noticings of things
changing ever so slightly, the things you find yourself doing and enjoying
as summer, fall, winter, and spring make their way into the present.
And I am finding myself noticing such signs of summer,
remembering what this season feels like,
 as this summer heads our way...

It is a summer that has not officially begun, but will in just a few
days and feels very much like it has already arrived where we are.

As I begin to enjoy wearing sandals everyday- not just 
once a week, but nearly every single day without fail- and remember
what it is like to have your toes free and painted and the oddly wonderful
cheer that brings- I realize summer is here.

As I look out at the glorious, taller-than-me, green (soon
to be gold) corn-field near our house every time we drive away, at that
storybook sky above it with the cotton-soft clouds,
closing my eyes as I dream of the beautifully weary summer days I would
have running through it if it were on the farm I own in my dreams...
I realize summer is here.

As the days grow warmer and warmer and we find ourselves out
at the park enjoying getting out, and I remember that powerfully free
feeling of hitting baseballs far into the sky and just having fun
playing sports, that feeling that returns each year this time...
I realize summer is here.

And as I open one of my favorite magazines, Southern Lady,
gaze upon the photographs in it of the places that exude summer nostalgia
across this region and read words like these, soaked in sno-cone syrup and
popsicle stick memories of growing up here...
it hits me that summer is really here.

Happy (almost) summer!!!

Have a blessed day!

What are your signs of summer?


  1. I enjoy Southern Lady as well! My husband is from Savannah, Georgia and I loved this month's article on that great old city. It is so hot here that I am cross stitching while sitting under my ceiling fan!!

  2. Oh, dear Jazzmin...such a cheerful, summery post! I loved reading your beautiful thoughts on this delightful season! I too enjoy taking note of the simple changes that take place as a new season begins... Today I am sadly in bed with a terribly sore throat, so I cannot even venture into the glorious outdoors...
    It is almost Winter here - perhaps not my favourite season, but there are many lovely aspects which I have come to love and enjoy!
    Enjoy your summer, dearest Jazzmin! It is always a great JOY visiting with you:)
    Blessings and love in Christ!

  3. I love spring and summer. Here in NY it takes a little longer for summer to arrive (our corn fields are just wee sprouts). We have had a lot of rain this month, and it has been cooler but our gardens are doing well. I love all of the flowers this time of year. June is the month for wild roses and they smell so pretty. They grow everywhere alongside the roads and along the wooded edge of our property. Enjoy these sweet summer days Jazzmin! : )

  4. This was a lovely post, Jazzmin! I love summer and it would definitely be my favorite season.:) There are so many reasons to enjoy it. I always look forward to it!


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