Monday, June 1, 2015

Ready for the Ballpark

I hope your weekend was wonderful!
Happy Monday ☺

It feels like a new world outside right now as of today,
because we have sunshine.  I am a rain and storms kind of girl
and cannot get enough rain, but Texas has of late had only
one variety of weather... Torrential downpours equaling flooding.
So, I am glad to have sunshine if it will give rest to those
who are dealing with flooding and rescues that are going on right now.
My heart and prayers are with them and those lost and missing right 
now due to the floods from Memorial Day.

•             •             •     

About a month ago, I posted THIS post about modest, pretty
clothing for spring and how I have been enjoying
putting outfits together and getting ideas.
The styles I shared in that post were mostly
for either church or dressy casual wear for a day out with family...
but one thing that I get especially excited to dress up for
falls into a whole different category, and that is when I get to
go to a major league baseball game in summer!

Baseball is my favorite sport to go watch in person.  I cherish the
nostalgia and history in it and the old-fashioned fun that is intrinsically a 
part of "America's favorite pastime".  I have had it in my blood and was 
born into loving it and rooting for our home team, and I also love to 
go out and practice in the diamond at our park 
every summer.

....So, I was nothing short of excited
when I realized that I had the chance to share something relating
to my affinity for baseball... an outfit perfect for the summer event
of attending a baseball game!  This is something I would love to
wear, my ideal ensemble for a game, and I am basing my outfit
around my favorite baseball hat from Fanatics, a sports apparel
 (and more) company with an amazing and seemingly endless selection,

The hat I chose from their wonderful selection, their Rangers '47 basic
hat in Royal blue, was my favorite.  I chose it because I think it is a
classic style and shape, and I love the Royal blue, my favorite color that
 my team wears, as well as the simplicity of the logo.

I had so much fun making a little collage/ensemble
of my ballpark outfit and when I finished, I loved the combination
of pieces I was able to find to go with the hat I chose, especially the
jewelry and how it gave the outfit a mix of sporty and polished.
This was just in time for me, too, as it looks like I will be getting
to head to the DFW area soon to catch a long-awaited game.
I enjoyed browsing the variety of
baseball hats and other things available to show team pride on the
Fanatics site. If you are a sports fan, you can seek inspiration
for your own game day style for your favorite team/s by 
visiting them!

Are you a sports fan?

Do you like to dress sporty or dressy for sports events?

Have a wonderful day!
Hoping it has been a blessed start to
 your week!


  1. Hello Jazzmin! The Fanatics site is great fun. I even see sports apparel for pets! The outfit you put together looks great. The hat,'s all so colorful. I clicked on Fanatics' Atlanta Braves apparel. As a child, I attended Braves games with my family and when John and I first married, we attended games. John has a collection of baseball hats, too. This was a fun blog post. Keep us posted on when you attend a game!

  2. You would look so cute wearing that to a baseball game! I hope you get to go and wear something similar.


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