Sunday, August 9, 2015

On the Glass-Bottom Boat

"All aboard, all aboard on the Glass-Bottom Boat!"
Have you ever seen that old movie, The Glass Bottom Boat, with Doris
Day?  Whenever I have been on a glass-bottom boat, that is what I
think of.  Those first words are from the song they sing in
the film.

Recently, I got to ride on a glass-bottom boat at an amazing place.
I have been here several times before when I was younger, but
it had been awhile since I had last gone. 
I should have taken more photos!  But I at least wanted to share the
few I did take to showcase the serenity.  It used to be a huge tourist
attraction in the 60's and 70's I believe it was, and they had "aquamaids"
(I would have signed up!  What a dream job.) swimming beneath the boats, 
and they even  had a swimming pig who was trained.  
My Mama went there in the last few years it was open as a tourist
 attraction -when she was a little girl- and she said it was
 so much fun.

But nowadays, they just have an education center and a beautiful,
giant piece of land stretching for acres and acres, and the glass-bottom
boat tours of course.

The water is turquoise in some places, jade green in others.
The view below through the glass bottom is like entering another
world, a magical underwater world from a different perspective
that you could only get this way or diving.  Believe me, I sure
wished I could have been diving down there.
Aquatic and marine biology fascinate me, and I pore over 
anything having to do with that element of God's creation.  Underwater
life amazes me with the fluidity and grace of the creatures and the
 peaceful underwater landscapes like this.

We spotted a cormorant during the boat ride/tour.  When we got
closer, everyone got to admire his brilliantly colored, greenish eyes.

You can kind of feel like you are on the boat yourself in these
videos.  I did not take any of my own long enough to really show what it
is like, but here are some videos I found to share that let you see a little
bit of what the boat ride is.  Although, this does not compare to being 
there in person and staring through that glass into the crystal water below
and the bubbling freshwater springs glittering like silver.  But it's
still a neat glimpse ☺

I have missed you, my sweet blogging friends!
I didn't realize just how "quiet" my blog would be when I mentioned that
I would likely not have a chance to write very much for awhile until things
slowed down.  I am so thankful for getting to log in and see
your kind words in your comments that bring me smiles,
 just to read a hello or you sharing something.
I hope that quietness doesn't last long.  I truly miss being here and visiting
your blogs when I am otherwise occupied with life ☺

I am leaving for a trip with my family today.  It is such a 
wonderful feeling to be going because it is the celebration of 
so many things this summer finally coming to an end,
and the start of some relaxation for at least awhile.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Sunday!

Hugs and blessings!


  1. Oh what an incredible experience, dearest Jazzmin! How amazing to take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat...I have never heard of one before, and I am fascinated!
    Oh enjoy your little summer trip with your family, dear friend! I know that sometimes life gets very busy, so know that we are happily waiting for your return and enjoy your little updates when you can give them!
    It is almost spring in South Afrlica and I am truly I am working in the garden a little which is oh! So lovely!
    Blessings to you and lots of love!

  2. Thank you so much, Jazzmin, for sharing about this wonderful adventure. I've never been on a glass bottom boat...I'm not a huge fan of boats or water (unless, of course, I am standing on shore admiring them). :-) But your beautiful descriptions here have made me wish I had been with you. Hugs to you...and I'm so glad that you are going to be spending some downtime with family for a bit.

  3. Hurry back! Missed your Blog!

  4. I can't wait to read about more of your wondrous adventures. :)

    xx Nicole Rose // Express Yourself

  5. Sweet Jazzmin, how I have missed you! For some reason your email updates are not coming through and I have been busy and simply lost track of visiting blogs....forgive me, dear friend.

    I hope you are well! I think of you all the time :) The summer days have been full and busy and I am ready for the sweet and slow days of autumn {{smiles}}

    Sending love your way, dear friend!


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