Sunday, October 18, 2015

My 'Vision' on Canvas

I can't put into words how wonderful it feels
to be looking at my blogger template, open and ready,
typing something (even a few words) and feeling that pleasant joy 
of my words being let go, ready to be published in a moment ☺

How I've missed that.
God made me as someone who has to write out my thoughts
and joys, and I haven't had time to do that lately much anywhere.
To get to share something, even something simple and short and sweet,
and to write something from my thoughts and heart is so lovely
a feeling.

...And speaking of writing, something I have loved doing
is hand-lettering.  I keep practicing and it is something I truly enjoy.
I love being able to not only write, but to make verses, quotes,
or whatever I write beautiful with stylized lettering.

This is one of my favorite canvases I have ever done-

...because "Be Thou My Vision" is my favorite
hymn, because the words and beyond beautiful notes with
their sound of Ireland stir my heart and soul.  They
mean much to me in my faith and God seems to have placed
this song in front of me more than any other.

...and because I can't get enough of the brilliant
lapis blue backdrop with metallic gold.
I love choosing different color combinations and 
admiring them once it is all said and done.

I love, love, love lettering and typography.
It has been a sweetness in my crazy schedule right now,
something I love to sit down and relax and do in the rare
moments of quiet each weekend.

I pray you have a wonderful week♥


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