Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lights All Aglow

Season's greetings!
I am so happy and filled with so much joy about so many
things... including the fact that my fingers are typing something in
this template for the first time in, I believe, months.
This makes me smile and this blessed time of year makes my
heart fill warm and aglow with the joy of the season.
If only it were snowing here, too, then that would be perfection ;)

I am so, so thankful to the sweet friends who sent me kind emails 
or left the loveliest, caring comments while I was gone that I got
to come back and read.
What an encouragement and blessing!

This is a photo of the view through my bedroom window, 
the dreamy glow of the lights from my view inside.  My Dad
has since added more, but this is just a little seasonal loveliness that
makes me happy every night when I walk into my room and just
a little something I wanted to share.

I hope you are having a blessed season!
I hope you are enjoying wonderful days baking, trying new recipes
to delight your loved ones or indulge in yourself, having fun spending
time with those you love most, and looking around and counting
your blessings even more than usual.

I love this time- taking a drive to look at lights, hot chocolate,
the fireplace going (even if it isn't that cold outside in the South,
because fire makes it cozy), feeling thankful and blessed,
soaking in the simple things, time for the firetruck to drive
through town all lit up and beautiful and playing
"White Christmas", anything & everything twinkling and
bright and cheery, and focusing on the important things-
 and all that goes along with it.

This has been such an exciting last month,
and I am feeling so blessed for things God has brought to
my life!
I look forward to sharing soon.

For now...
I pray you have a most blessed time with your loved ones
and enjoy this miraculous time of year!

May it be merry & bright and joyful.


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