Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Verse This Year!

I hope you are having a wonderful beginning to the weekend!

It's been a blessed day of spending time with my family,
getting to go out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, and spend
some time journaling, dreaming, and then getting things done.
And now, I'm so happy to be sitting down to
write here (smiles)...

The photo above is one I took at the beginning of the
month to start the new year- for two reasons, I took that photo.
First of all, because the roses on the counter in a vase
from my parents' anniversary were too beautiful
to borrow one and take a photo of it with something, and because
I wanted a lovely reminder of this special verse-
my verse for 2016.

I had taken a few days to decide. I was going between two
verses that are actually only a couple of pages apart from
each other in the bible and were both about prayer!
But I ended up being most led toward this one,
Philippians 4:6-7.

I am amazed at how many times in His word the Lord
says this same message- do not care/worry about anything,
but PRAY about the things on our hearts.
This verse connected to me so deeply and coming upon it as I searched
 for my year verse was an answer to prayer.  The main part of
this verse that I wanted to set my focus on for this year
and to carry on through my entire life is to PRAY about

I LOVE how God is telling us to pray about ANYTHING
and EVERYTHING.  It doesn't just say pray about
some things, but in everything pray with thanksgiving
and let God know your heart.
He knows every part of your heart and your being,
but how beautiful it is to show Him that you
give all areas of your life to Him and share it with Him.

... Ultimately, my greatest prayer for my relationship with
God as I started this new year a few weeks ago was
to pray so much more than I do, to talk more and more to God
like He is my best friend- because He is.
And prayer had already been
so intrinsic to my life and so important to me, but then I realized
how much more I could pray- how instead of falling into the
pattern of praying only when something great happened and thanking
Him or only praying when I needed help or was hurt, 
I could pray just to say thank you for the simplest thing, to
share my heart, or simply because I need to talk to someone.
And God is always there.

.           .           .

Prayer calms and gives peace to my mind, my heart...
my life...
like nothing else does.
And I am in awe of how it brings the peace of Jesus into
even the scariest or hardest times like nothing else can.

About a week after I marked this verse in my bible
as my verse to act out in my life this year, 
God gave me something very important to start off.
My Aunt found out she had breast cancer and that she needed
immediate surgery if she did not want to have to go
through treatment.  This was a shock to everyone in our family and
so sudden, and my heart hurt for my aunt to think of how
scared she must be. 
She had her surgery this week, an entire day long surgery, and prayer
throughout our entire family and that encouragement was such
a blessing!  

That entire day, I know there was some worry but there was
a thousand times more FAITH that God had her in His hands.
And that prayer brought miracles and my Aunt is home healing
now, and we all are praying now that that surgery was the
end of it.  Prayer for her would be so appreciated☺

In that day this week and after, I realize my greatest joy even in the
 most worrisome times is to be a prayer warrior for others.

I hope y'all have a joyful weekend!

I know some of my sweet blogging friends are getting snow-
stay warm and safe!  And enjoy that white beauty all around you.
I'm going to keep dreaming of snow coming to my neck of the South ;)

Wishing you the most blessed day!


  1. Oh...dearest Jazzmin...your words on prayer were just what I needed to read...truly, the Lord is teaching me much about prayer too, and I long to share everything...every detail with Him! I want to thank Him, praise Him and glorify Him through prayer, and it is my greatest desire to draw closer to His heart through this year... Every time I think of you, dear friend, I will pray for you! Thank you for the precious encouragement...such a blessing!
    And may the Lord be with your dear Aunt through this challenging, scary time...oh, may He hold her ever so close!
    Sending you so much love in Jesus, dear Jazzmin!

    1. Kelly-Anne,
      You are such a dear, loving friend! I cannot thank you even close to enough for your kindness. I'm so blessed to hear your thoughts and heart about your relationship with the Lord and your prayers. God I know must look down on you with such joy at your desire to draw closer to Him! Your walk with Him inspires me and I know it must inspire all those privileged to read your words on your blog♥
      And I am so thankful to know you and honored to have your prayers. You can be sure I will pray for you when I think of you, too, Kelly-Anne!

      Thank you also for your words for my Aunt- that means so much!!

      Love in Christ and hugs to you!

  2. Jazzmin - I'm always excited to see when you post. I love hearing the heart of a young woman sold out to God. In fact, today, I had the thought - If Anne Shirley was a real person and living in today's world, I think she would be a lot like you. (Anne is the main character of Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery.)

  3. One of my favorite verses! Also one that I need to be reminded of so often.

    May the LORD bless you in the year ahead!!

    1. Sarah,
      What a joy to read your comment :) Thank you so much for visiting, how blessed I am to have you share with me that this is one of your favorite verses. What a true treasure to see and hear reminders through His word, and so often when we need them most :)

      Thank you for your kind comment, and may God bless you all through this year ahead as well!!

      Blessings and hugs,


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