Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Cheer All Around the House... And the Town

Happy New Year!!!

I hope your new year is off to a wonderful beginning!

I hope that your blessed time spent with family and those you love and cherish
has been full of peace and joy and memory making.... the best time spent,
 making memories that will always be with you and 
build on the old ones ☺

I can't believe how quickly December flew by.  It was an exciting month
in our family and marked the beginning of relaxing together for awhile, 
which was a huge blessing.  And now we are in January!!  Wow!

One of the things that always makes winter time joyful (even if it isn't always
wintry feeling outside here in the South) is of course the cheer around
the house.  I recently had my dream of getting a new camera realized!
I LOVE it.
...and so I have been taking A LOT of photos of our winter
decor, doing my best with my knowledge of its
workings so far to capture the joy and magical, old-worldliness
that I feel as I look around each day. 

This burlap, primitive-feel adornment around my favorite, lovely painting
in the dining room makes me feel so cozy.  It is my favorite
area to be when the lights are dim and the twinkling of these lights
aglow shines brightest and most charming.

Our "Bird-Seed" snowman and a new addition to our decor,
a sweet cardinal adorned tin mailbox (that also needs a little touch-up).

This was another find from our little Library thrifty shop that always has
the most wonderful seasonal decor section, a charming yarn wreath.
I have loved these ever since I saw one for the first time on my
dear friend, Stephanie's post, here, over at The Enchanting Rose!

And now to share a few photos that bring me joy
because they remind me of a tradition that is dear to my heart,
going for a drive, hot cocoa in hand, gazing out the window at the 
beauty and magic of the lights that adorn the town and
neighborhoods all around.  I took these a few days after
 Christmas when we went☺
I had fun especially going to the little town square to photograph
the way they have it so prettily set up there.  I loved playing
with some of the effects on my camera that made the lights
blur or dance!

And the glorious tree.

And back to home...
Sprinklings of seasonal cheer along our mantel.
We did a sort of rustic meets classic feel with a lot of red in
our hand-lettered holly and snow adorned canvas signs we had so
much fun making! ...And then red lights settled down in rustic
burlap, with old-fashioned candle lights in between.

Probably my favorite thing to decorate with in winter (aside from vintage
style tins!) is natural elements like pinecones.  I love how it feels
to bring in things from outside.

Pretty paper packages placed perfectly by the fire.
Yay for alliteration! haha ☺

 And I think what brings us all joy when we walk in is
our small, but lovely, glowing "town" of lit up buildings
that sits on our hallway table.  It has a backdrop of green like
an evergreen forest and crocheted snowflakes laid out
around it.

 Outside is the cheer of our "let is snow" sign, which we look at
with the prayer that it really will snow someday!  It has been a long
while since we saw white during winter, but we can dream.

And the brilliant glow of vibrant purple-blue lights up
the path to our door, which lights up my spirit every evening
when we have been out and drive up to our house.

I hope y'all have had a most blessed start to the
brand new year!

Do you still have your decor up or has it been put away with
dreams of spring in your heart? ☺

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Blessings to you!!


  1. Oh, dearest Jazzmin! What a sweet delight to read your blog again this day in January...after reading your lovely comment on my blog, I simply had to hop over to wish you for your birthday, dear friend! I do pray you had a blessed day, and that the Lord would walk with you all through this next year in your life! Thank you for being a sweet example to many, and I am of course thrilled to be a friend of yours in Blogland! My, I have missed visiting and thus have much to write to you here!

    Your home looks so very festive and beautifully decorated for the Christmas season...I loved all the pictures you had fun capturing...yay for a new camera for you, dear Jazzmin! I remember when I got mine almost 3 years ago now...what JOY...but it was a little ''scary'' too as I worked out how to work it! {{Smiles}}

    I send you my dearest love and a biiig hug! I truly enjoyed reading of the happenings in your world today!

  2. Hello,
    My year is off to a great start... I'm SO excited for what the year will hold! Enjoy your new camera -the photos are great! I especially love the sign with JOY! Thank you for sharing the photos. It was great to come across you blog :)

  3. Dearest Jazzmin, how I have MISSED YOU! You have been so kind to leave me comment on Pinterest and my blog - bless you, sweet friend :)

    I truly have missed you, dear one, and am happy to know you are well. Your blog looks ever so lovely and charming just like you {{smiles}}

    This post was a delight to read and oh my, the photos are stunning! I look forward to more posts.

    Know that you are in my thoughts OFTEN. You are a precious friend and I am so thankful for you. Much love and tender hugs.

  4. Hi Jazzmin, A new camera! What a wonderful gift! Your photos are magnificent. I especially love the little village houses. I wish you many blessings in the new year. I am no longer blogging but you can email me at mwnalley827
    @gmail.com xoxo


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