Saturday, February 27, 2016

Liebster Award (thank you, Bethany!) and Fun Questions

Is your weekend off to a good start on this
beautiful Saturday?
I hope so!
Praying you are well and having a
 wonderful day.

Today, I finished the final few sentences of this post
that was started too long ago.  
Even though I am a few months (okay, maybe longer...)
late with this, thank you so much Bethany
for listing me as one of your nominees for the Liebster Award!
You are so thoughtful and I thank you!
(You can visit her informative, encouraging blog at Liberty or Death,
where she also shares quite amazing photography!)

Before the questions, I also wanted to write
that this is my first post published under my new blog name,
Magnolias and Grace, and that is exciting for me!
Thank you for following along, and I tried to fix the subscription
service so that it will keep subscribers even though the name
has been changed- I hope it worked☺

Now onto my answers to the following Liebster Award questions from my sweet, eloquent blogging friend, Bethany!

1.  When did you start blogging, and how long do you think you'll continue?
      I started blogging in March of 2012!  I think that as long as I have things to share, I will continue blogging for a very long time.  Writing on my blog and having a place where I can share my excitement about different things, as well as connect to the most wonderful and kind people (you all!) has been such a joy for me.  My love for blogging was automatic when I started and it has not waned.  It has also helped me to keep up writing, and publishing posts is so fun to me every time I push the "publish" button. ☺  One other thing that compels me to keep blogging is how inspired I am by other bloggers and their beautiful crafts, ideas, photography, etc., and just the thoughts they share, as well as the joy there is in knowing I may have inspired someone else with anything I have said on my blog.  I feel like blogging is a way to encourage and be encouraged by others so much!  I love being able to encourage anyone if I can... my most viewed post ever is my detailed post sharing my heart on purity, and I love that other girls and women can maybe be inspired by what I share.  To know that other young girls and women are able to read that and maybe be encouraged to not put aside their convictions is such a good feeling.

2.  What is your go-to meal for when you need to cook something quickly?
     The go-to meal I love to make is composed of two main foods.  The first is crock-pot macaroni- it is not technically a "quick" meal since it cooks in the crock-pot for hours during the day, but it is quick as far as preparation because you put it going in a few minutes and the work is finished.  And it is so mouth-watering good.  And growing up in the South, it's kind of an addiction☺  The second thing is brown-sugar glaze meatloaf.  It is my absolute favorite meatloaf recipe, hands-down.  It is a Paula Deen recipe you can find here, one we tried a long time ago and were all fans.  It is heaven.

3.  You're shipwrecked on an island; what one thing would you have with you?
      This is a fun question.  Hmmm... I would say that I would want to have my family with me and a large supply of water. And my bible. That is three things, I know.  It is so hard to choose.  Those would be things I would have if I was not allowed to choose something that would qualify as rescuing us... a boat would be good too, but I'm not sure if that counts, haha.  But, honestly, if the island was plentiful with good food and abundant in things to use to live, I would be okay without the boat as long as I had my family.  Being on an island would really be fun and so tranquil... getting to swim, relax, see all of the neat animals and creation, and to live in a serene and pure place.

4.  If you could choose any profession, what would it be?
      I have always been one of those people who has way too long a list in my mind of occupations I would be so excited to do... Nature photographer, wedding coordinator, bakery owner, archaeologist, detective/sleuth, full-time author, marine biologist, nurse (if I could take what you have to see), pioneer era schoolteacher (think Laura Ingalls or Christy Huddleston), or a missionary... and probably more vocations I can't think of right now.  Quite a list, I know.

5.  If you could meet any of your long-distance blogging friends, which ones would you most like to meet?
      Blogging has brought me sweet friends that I am so thankful for.  I would definitely say that was an unexpected surprise that came with blogging- getting to connect to and share with and talk to all of you who have been a blessing to me in your comments, emails, etc.  I have loved every moment of that and have been blown away by the kindness of those I've met through blogging. I could not pick any one friend, but I know that there would be a handful- basically everyone who I have been able to hear from or talk to because you are all so kind.

6.  What's your favorite flavor of ice-cream?
I love anything Blue Bell, especially since it has been back after it was shut down all this past summer!  I usually prefer the milkshake form of ice cream over just eating ice cream, but I think my favorite ice-cream is peach ice-cream, which I love to buy a cone of when we go to a little town on the river we like to visit in summer.  It is sold in their old-fashioned ice-cream shop there and has huge chunks of peaches in it!  Mmmm.

7.  Describe a perfect day.
Taking a walk to the creek to sit by it and hear the water while I sketched or read, coming back home and working in the craft room on a project, then sitting on the front porch and talking with someone I love, and finally spending the afternoon and evening baking or cooking together and then taking a walk by the river or staying in and enjoying a good mystery!  That would be a simple, perfect, everyday kind of day I would love.
(I have to say when I read this question, I couldn't help think of the scene in Miss Congeniality when Cheryl is asked during the pageant what her idea of the "perfect date" is.  Haha!)

8.  If you could witness any event of the past, present. or future, what would it be?
My answer would definitely have to be that I would want to witness the greatest sermon ever given, which would be any given by Jesus.  It would just have been beyond words to have been alive then to witness seeing Him speak at all let alone hear him orate and talk to people and see him with children gathered around.

9.  Have you ever been in a choir, singing group, or played an instrument?
I would loved to be in a choir, although I am not.   That would be so much fun.  Or in a singing group, singing old-fashioned songs similar to the Andrews Sisters, with their grace and charm to match their voices.  I have played an instrument, however.  I think I mentioned this in one of my other award questions answers as well- that I played trumpet for a few years.  My Dad has played for years and years and does so for a living, so free lessons were very nice to have when I played. Sometimes, I do miss playing.

10.  What is the most encouraging thing anyone has ever told you or that you've ever read?
I feel like I am encouraged by so many different influences, from things wise people in my life have shared with me to things I've read, and those seem to come often and are such blessings.  From what I can think of right now, I believe the most encouraging thing I have heard someone say is that God has a plan- trust it.  It's simple, but truly makes the most impact and difference when you are discouraged.  To trust that even though you are at a low, low point or you are disheartened and think it can't get any worse, it is going to be alright- because it's in God's hands and will get better.  It will pass.  When you trust that His will and plan for your life, your year, your day is going to make everything okay, you are so much more encouraged and positive.

11.  Would you share a favorite quote?
I'd like to share this quote I saw this week.  I love the message and it is one written in a multitude of ways, but I admired the creatively penned way of this particular quote.  Modesty has to be in your heart before it reflects on the outside...

I am thankful to finish writing this post that I started this past SUMMER!  A busy semester left me with so little time.

Thank you for reading!  I loved sharing these 11 things.

I have been nominated for this award once or twice before and then I nominated others for it as well, so upon thinking of who to nominate this time, I realized I'm pretty sure I have listed everyone as a nominee between those.  So instead of listing specific nominees, I nominate the blogs of ALL my dear blogging friends whose blogs I enjoy and am constantly delighted by.  If you would like to do a post, please let me know and I would LOVE to read it!

My questions for you are:

1.  What is your favorite era from the past and why?
2.  Which season is your favorite?
3.  What type of food do you like most- Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Southern, etc.?
4.  Your favorite book is...?
5.  Do you prefer indoors our out?
6.  Who is the wisest person you have ever known?
7.  What was the most important or memorable day of your life?
8.  Your favorite season to decorate for (if you enjoy decorating)?
9.  Do you have a life verse?
10.  Share one thing that is nostalgic to you.

Wishing you many joys on your

Hugs & blessings☺

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A New Blog Name! ...& Charms & Pearls on "Love Day"

Happy Sunday!
I hope your day this Lord's day is a most blessed one so far.

In between internet troubles (that are still going on :( )  and not being on
my computer much lately because of busyness of life,
I have been gradually finishing a post I started writing back in
August of this past year!  And that is almost finished ☺
It amazes me sometimes how you can go back to finish a project or
something and you didn't realize how long it has been since you
first started it.

But for now, for today, I wanted to say hello and just 
wish you a beautiful day however you're spending it-
whether celebrating Valentine's or spending a family day,
at church, or on a picnic... any of those
ways you could be spending this delightful Sunday.

This weekend has been a blessing of relaxing and 
family time and being busy, but good busy.  Today, we found ourselves-
my Mama and I- heading into the city to do a little shopping
for the afternoon.
We have loved going to this ladies' boutique where they
sell the prettiest classy clothing, and even better is that you can
find bargains on things you would never imagine.
Today, I found a couple of treasures.  We both did...
including a crushed velvet cherry red jacket
and a Lilly Pulitzer seashell print spring blouse♥
It's exciting to be able to find things like that and still be

...I love sharing ideas for modest, classy outfit ideas
 (especially if it includes some Southern accents and flair) ;)
so since I had my camera out today,
 I laid out my outfit to wear to go out for the afternoon
together and took a photo.
Lately, it has been very warm in this neck of the woods, but today
 was delightfully just a bit cooler and cozier so I decided on...

 a plaid oxford under a sequin-front cardigan
for some added sparkle and fun, and accessorized with
some pearls and my well loved flowers and bee vintagey
charm bracelet, as well as some red bauble earrings.

This outfit definitely had a wintery feel to it to me,
and I think it's because I am wishing so hard for some
cold weather.  I want to build a snowman oh so

.            .           .

I wrote recently- in my last post- about
graduating, my experience growing into myself, so to speak,
over the past few years, and the milestone that this new year
represents to me...
I have been thinking about it over the past week or so,

 I decided
to change the name of my blog!

I have loved the sound of my little blog name
for these past few years, but I'm also excited to have
a fresh, new name...

Magnolias and Grace

I'm so thankful for the sweet, sweet friendships that
I have been blessed by and do not want to lose you, blogging friends♥
So, as I change the name of my blog, which will also change my
blog address, I am going to leave my new address
(if everything goes through okay when I officially change it)...
It will be:

If you subscribe by email, it may delete you from the list
since the name is changing.  I'm not sure and I'm going to try
to change the address in the system to keep working,
 but I am leaving the address in case☺

Hugs and blessings!!

Have a wonderful rest of this LONG weekend!

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