Friday, March 18, 2016

Gardening, Ireland, & 4 Years!

Today was simple and joyful...
it started with breakfast while reading last 
month's beyond beautiful issue of Southern Lady (as I
still need to get this month's), going to get groceries in the
morning together, then a run to the craft store with my
momma, as well as the thrifty store, where we found
several vintage sewing patterns (smiles).  

The feeling of today... relaxation and simplicity... was carried
through this entire week.  It has been a wonderful week...

of picking out flowers to bring home to plant, gardening, 
going out to eat and spending the day with my family,
and spending free evenings watching some old
classics over a very delicious pan of rice crispy treats.☺

And we won't talk about how many of those were left.
But we are making a new pan tonight if that's any
indication, haha.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the delight of dressing
more and more for spring.  It has been quite warm here in the lower
South, so we've been dressing for warm weather for awhile,
but it has been fun to wear sandals and more and more brights and floral
fabrics that are quintessentially spring in mood☺

Also, a little bit of an Irish feel for yesterday was a joy...
having Ireland not only running through my veins in my heritage
but through my style as well yesterday, with an Irish sweater and some
fun earrings (even though I couldn't wear my sweater long
for the warm weather) ;)
I saw something yesterday for St. Paddy's day that said,
"I'm not lucky, I'm blessed."  I liked that, because that's so true.
I believe that blessings are not luck or chance- they're straight
from our gracious God.

Time has been flying in 2016.
Is it just me, or are you feeling that way, too??

It has gone so fast that I didn't even stop to remember
that March 2nd marked 4 years officially that I have been blogging!
And those 4 years, which feel like only about 2 years to me, have
been such a huge blessing!  I thank God for allowing me to
find the dear friends I have through means of blogging.

Hoping you have a most wonderful weekend!!
If my internet keeps working (crossed fingers), I hope to visit
your blogs this weekend!

Blessings to you!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Blessings & Lately

How is it that two weeks have passed 
since I was able to write?
I'm sorry for the infrequent posting lately...
For someone who loves writing, blogging, and most of all
visiting my sweet friends' blogs, the problem of having my
internet be so finicky and not having been fixed yet
is hard to deal with.  I have had so many moments in the past couple
of weeks where I think, "Oh, I know what I want to share today
on my blog"... and then I remember- oh yeah, I can't
because the internet is down :(

But while it's working- and hopefully before it shuts off-
I wanted to type as fast as I possibly can and write.
I hope it lasts long enough!

First of all, many Sunday blessings to you!!!
I hope your weekend has been full of joy and wonderful
time with the ones you love and with the Lord.

...And also just a few photos of what my 'lately' has looked like
in my freer moments... reading, lettering and art, photography,
and spending some lovely days at home both at work
and relaxing.

It has been wonderful weather here in this neck of the South-
with stormy days and showers mixed in with some very
springy, gorgeous days!
I'm seeing more birds, watching the wildflowers start to pop up,
and enjoying these days busily and happily.

Is it starting to feel like spring where you are?


I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and VERY
blessed week ahead, friends!

I want to publish this before my internet signal goes out ;)


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