Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Blessings & Lately

How is it that two weeks have passed 
since I was able to write?
I'm sorry for the infrequent posting lately...
For someone who loves writing, blogging, and most of all
visiting my sweet friends' blogs, the problem of having my
internet be so finicky and not having been fixed yet
is hard to deal with.  I have had so many moments in the past couple
of weeks where I think, "Oh, I know what I want to share today
on my blog"... and then I remember- oh yeah, I can't
because the internet is down :(

But while it's working- and hopefully before it shuts off-
I wanted to type as fast as I possibly can and write.
I hope it lasts long enough!

First of all, many Sunday blessings to you!!!
I hope your weekend has been full of joy and wonderful
time with the ones you love and with the Lord.

...And also just a few photos of what my 'lately' has looked like
in my freer moments... reading, lettering and art, photography,
and spending some lovely days at home both at work
and relaxing.

It has been wonderful weather here in this neck of the South-
with stormy days and showers mixed in with some very
springy, gorgeous days!
I'm seeing more birds, watching the wildflowers start to pop up,
and enjoying these days busily and happily.

Is it starting to feel like spring where you are?


I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and VERY
blessed week ahead, friends!

I want to publish this before my internet signal goes out ;)


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