Monday, April 11, 2016

Into the Sewing Room

How was your weekend, friends?
I hope it was lovely and blessed.

I'm very excited today to be sharing with you photos of our
sewing/craft room.  It is my favorite place to be in the house
because all my favorite things and all things lovely 
surround me in this room and make me smile so.

It is also my favorite place because of the delicious warmth
 that the light from the biggest window
in the house brings in... whether on sunny days or the coziest
rainy, cold days at the desk as I stare outside contentedly.

Welcome inside!

Our sewing machine is situated on the corner of the desk
and just beside it is our box of a menagerie of buttons (don't you
just love that word- menagerie?  It sounds so old-fashioned
and lovely), which is really a vintage-y jewelry box with frame with a 
photo inside of outfitted dress forms that has such an antiquated, 
lovely feel for a sewing room.

Ahh, the heavenly window through which I love looking out at the birds
in spring or the leaves and rain falling in autumn.  Dreamy afternoons.

And in the window hangs a lovely little purple glass
bird feeder that I hang inside for decor,
something my grandmother gave me some years ago.

Our cork board is a place for inspirations, current sewing project
instructions, lovely items, vintage photos, bows made for
wreaths and other projects, and things that make us smile...
like the Anne of Green Gables postcard and the sweetest
pink, crocheted bunny a wonderful friend so lovingly sent!
I love it.

Below is our shelf with dear vintage items...
delicate ladies' gloves, antique store finds, and
my mama's own pearls.

And in the other corner of our desk is my 1960s 
typewriter.  I cherish it, not only because it is vintage or because
it is one of my favorite colors, but because it belonged to
a dear elderly lady that my mom worked for who
passed away when I was younger.  She was a wonderful lady
and I'm honored to own her old typewriter.

Next to the typewriter, upon a small, gold edged copy of
Sense and Sensibility, rests this little tin I love that we thrifted.
The ladylike girl in her beautiful hat adds loveliness, along
with a ruby bee brooch beside it.

Working to increase my seamstress skills, I love collecting sewing
books- most of all vintage books, catalogs, and the like- and although this
is a modern pattern book, I was so excited to find it!
The craft store sometimes sells old pattern books from McCalls or
Simplicity and this one, which includes the "Retro" patterns collection
is one I had to take home with me recently.

These are some recent patterns we picked up, as well.
I am especially excited to make these three.  I love the gingham
wrap blouse because it has a fifties feel to it that I can see paired up
with some cute pedal pushers or capris for summer.

A gingham bow around a mason jar and rose design drawers from
an old keepsake chest make up our more officious items like
pens and pencils and sewing scissors and more.
My grandpa's old stapler that he used in college also finds
its place on our desk, something I have loved having to get to use
all through school.  I never got to meet him, but I think the fact
that I got to use some of his things and still do would make him smile.

I took this photo on a recent evening when I think the light
could have been a bit brighter.
A few hats that were able to be hung hang above
the window for added vintage feel and my pink ball gown
that I brought home a couple of years ago simply for
the sheer beauty of the fabric hangs to the side upon an
old satin hanger.

Above the closet just to the right of our desk we have hung
a springy wreath that used to hang on our front door.
It's since been replaced by new creations, but we loved the colors
and cheer of it so we decided to hang it in our craft room!
It is hard to believe that it used to be the brightest robin egg
turquoise-like blue.  The sun faded it quite a bit.

This room also doubles as my library and where I keep many
keepsakes and belongings, some displayed and some tucked
away, like my graduation wear and souvenirs from this winter.
I also keep jewelry here and love having my
favorite pieces and treasured bracelets and necklaces displayed
 that were given to me or are vintage finds.

I am in love with his gorgeous brooch that was a gift this year.
It is so elegant and beautiful.

Our collection of both vintage and new patterns
has grown so much and we have had to look for new places
to put them in a small space.  The two places that the majority of our
patterns are include one of my favorite vintage pieces, this
lovely picnic basket...

...and another basket which I feel could be either
another picnic basket or a fish basket.

This little dog always seems to find her way upon to a cushion
or chair to fall asleep cozily next to us when we're creating and
spending time here... and sometimes she just watches curiously.
I love having her there.

.           .            .

It has been so fun adding to our sewing/craft room
with new vintage delights and reminders of nostalgia, sewing,
and just creating altogether.

This room is such a joy to be in and when we aren't creating,
it is a heavenly place to be to work on any project, spend time reading
or thumbing through a magazine for craft, sewing, or style inspiration,
or writing, journaling, or penning a letter to someone.

It is a place I could spend all day, every day.

Where are you most inspired to create?
Do you have a room where you craft or create, or a sewing room
you enjoy spending time in?

Wishing y'all a lovely week!




  1. Jazzmin, I would LOVE to have a sewing room as pretty as yours. And I love the idea of the vintage hats hanging on the wall. I often use plates but hats are great for a craft/sewing room. I share my craft area with a storage area so it is not very pretty at all but it is where I can get away and create.

  2. I do have a sewing room/ my favorite room in the home. It was my hubby's gift to me upon retiring from 31 years as a school teacher. I too have ALL my favorite things in there. I love yours! So many pretties to look at. I have recently started having my quiet time in there in the mornings as well.
    That mason jar with that gingham bow is speaking to me!

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely sewing room. I do not wish to sew at all, yet somehow I find myself wanting a room like yours!

    I especially love that a young lady (you!) loves vintage items so much!

  4. Your room is so cheerful and filled with sentimental treasures. I especially love the vintage butterfly pin.
    I wish you a wonderful week filled with many blessings.

  5. My darling friend, what a sweet and charming sewing room! I would want to spend ALL my time in that room {{smiles}} The hats are just too sweet and all the vintage still my heart!

    I look forward to seeing the lovely creations that come out of that room made by your beautiful and loving hands. Hugs and joy to you!

  6. Dearest Miss Jazzmin,
    Thank you so much for sharing your sewing room! Wish I could spend a day there with you...crafting, sharing, giggling...what fun it would be! I have a collection of vintage buttons as well...they were my grandmother's...and then my mama's...who gave them to me. My mama also had a collection of thimbles...which she gave to me before she went home to be with the Lord. I just know you would love these. I still have some of the Little Golden Books you have displayed...saving them for future grandchildren! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet little space with darling...I look forward to seeing some of the items you create!
    With love,
    Mrs. Laura


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